Reusing Western Red Cedar - by Darran Jaques

Darran Jaques is a landscaping professional who creates and maintains gardens in London / Surrey for Urban Creations. Having used Western Red Cedar frequently in his designs, he regularly finds ways of recycling this naturally durable and long-lasting timber. We spoke to him about a recent project where he has found a clever way to recycle Western Red Cedar.

Darran Jaques, Urban Creations:

Clients for whom I had done work in the past recently had a new garage, study and storeroom constructed, along with landscaping for the surrounding area. The new structures meant that a Western Red Cedar Slatted Screen and gates that I had installed a couple of years earlier had now become redundant.

I took the decision to reuse the gates in a new structure that would neatly conceal the multitude of bins that most homes now have, and at the same time provide support for an established Wisteria. A matching panel was also created to provide support for vines.

I cleaned all the gates and spare Western Red Cedar battens using Owatrol Net-trol and left them to dry. I purchased additional Western Red Cedar battens, posts and deck boards from Silva Timber and used them to construct the store. To enable a good airflow, the battens were spaced to create the slatted screen effect. The unsightly bins still needed to be masked. so additional battens were placed on the interior of the structure.