RIBA Award Winning Designers Specify Silva Timber Western Red Cedar

Silva Timber was chosen to supply Western Red Cedar for the RIBA award-winning Wolden Haus in Halsall.

The Requirements

Architect Brian Young, from Liverpool-based BYA Architects, approached Silva Timber for Western Red Cedar cladding in his ambitious plan to design a beautiful house for his family that blends in with the surrounding area. Western Red Cedar was the timber of choice for the project because of its soft appearance.

The Process

“Brian visited our warehouse in Widnes and we worked with him to find the ideal grade of Western Red Cedar. We always try to support our customers as best we can. We machined a bespoke profile for Brian and provided him with his desired lengths of boards”, explains Stephen Roberts, Operations Director at Silva, who also visited Brian’s practice and build location to provide consultation and follow up after the build.

“We considered various suppliers but we chose Silva Timber as they were willing to go the extra mile for us”, says Brian. Western Red Cedar No.4 Clear Grade was chosen because it was desirable to have a few natural characteristics in the timber. The RIBA judging panel noted how well the timber blends in with the natural surroundings. Silva Timber’s No.4 Clear Grade Western Red Cedar offers an economical option which also exceeds grading rules while maintaining consistency of quality.

“We are very happy with the quality of timber that Silva Timber has provided us. I would have no problem recommending Silva Timber and I regularly mention them to others that are considering using timber cladding”, explained Brian.

The Wolden Haus won the Northern Designs Best House of the Year Award in 2012 and the RIBA North West Regional Architecture Award in 2013.

For more information about Western Red Cedar, we recommend contacting a member of our team or browsing our Western Red Cedar Cladding products. Click here for a simple table explaining differences between Western Red Cedar grades.

About No.4 Clear Grade Western Red Cedar

The first thing to highlight about our ‘Silva Select No. 4 Clear’ product is that it far exceeds the grading rules set out for ‘No. 4 Clear’. Usually with this grade, you should expect a certain amount of trimming and wastage; however, the producer of the sawn lumber has identified a demand for a product that is less expensive than ‘No. 2 Clear & Better’ but yields less wastage than the standard ‘No. 4 Clear’.

In our opinion, this has been achieved with Silva Select No. 4 Clear. We call it Silva Select because it’s a cut above the standard grade and we are the only company importing this product into the UK. A number of our customers have expressed surprise at the quality, especially after reading the grade description which makes it sound far worse quality than it actually is.

About the Author

Alison Evans

Product Marketing Manager