Roofing & Waterproofing

  1. Winkler Wingum Plus Hշ0
    Winkler Wingum Plus Hշ0
    From £119.15 (inc VAT) From £99.29 (ex VAT)
  2. Winkler One Flooring
    Winkler One Flooring
    £468.58 (inc VAT) £390.48 (ex VAT)
    Out of stock
  3. Winkler Skermo 2
    Winkler Skermo 2
    £93.92 (inc VAT) £78.27 (ex VAT)
  4. Winkler Scudo System
    Winkler Scudo System
    £110.28 (inc VAT) £91.90 (ex VAT)
  5. Winkler One Shown In White
    Winkler One Vertical - Waterproofing Membrane
    From £137.10 (inc VAT) From £114.25 (ex VAT)
  6. Winkler One Shown In White
    Winkler One - Liquid Roof Coating
    From £139.67 (inc VAT) From £116.39 (ex VAT)
  7. Winkler Skermo Terrazze 5 litre
    Winkler Skermo Terrazze 5 litre
    £398.26 (inc VAT) £331.88 (ex VAT)
  8. Winkler Wingrip Bituminoso
    Winkler Wingrip Bituminoso
    From £58.03 (inc VAT) From £48.36 (ex VAT)
  9. Winkler Win Bituroof 5kg
    Winkler Win Bituroof 5kg
    £20.53 (inc VAT) £17.11 (ex VAT)
  10. Winkler Pre-One
    Winkler Pre-One
    From £47.46 (inc VAT) From £39.55 (ex VAT)
  11. Component A
    Winkler One Primer
    £525.04 (inc VAT) £437.53 (ex VAT)
    Out of stock
  12. Winkler Winjoint Seal
    Winkler Winjoint Seal
    £15.25 (inc VAT) £12.71 (ex VAT)

Roofing & Waterproofing

Since 1987 Winkler has been developing innovative waterproofing and building solutions. Winkler products are sold in over 30 countries worldwide, and they are now available in the UK from Silva.

Winkler is renowned for its water-based technologies for concrete restoration and waterproofing. Its flagship product Winkler One is a highly effective and easy to apply liquid roofing membrane. It can be used in wet conditions at temperatures as low as 0°C, making it unique in the industry.

Winkler’s approach is to develop simple, innovative, and practical products that are safe for users and safe for the environment and are unsurpassed in terms of ease of application and durability.

Winkler is constantly investing in research and development. Its range now includes additives for concrete and adhesion promoter, mortars for the restoration and recovery of concrete, paste and liquid waterproof products, bitumen-polymer membranes, form release products, resins for civil and industrial flooring, resins for concrete protection, and many other specialist products.

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