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Sansin ENS (for Windows, Doors & Furniture)

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Price From: (exc VAT) £5.00 (inc VAT) £6.00


ENS provides durable two coat protection that brings out the natural grain and character of your wood with a lustrous satin finish. 

Whilst we hold stock of Sansin natural tones, all other finishes are made to order using our specialist mixing equipment therefore we can not offer standard delivery times on these products. Made to order finishes will be dispatched within 48 hours. As products are custom mixed to order our standard return policy will not apply.

It is recommended to request a colour swatch book before making any decision - contact us here

At a glance

  • Designed for exterior vertical surfaces, siding, timber, furniture, windows and doors
  • Available in 80 colour tones inspired by nature
  • Protects against UV radiation
  • Enhances durability and moisture control
  • Environmentally friendly solution

For exterior vertical surfaces, siding, timber, furniture, windows and doors

ENS provides durable two coat protection that brings out the natural grain and character of your wood with a lustrous satin finish. 

ENS is highly resistant to scraping and abrasion, ensuring tough, long term protection for your chairs, tables, windows, trims and doors. Not only will it make your natural wood tones look beautiful, but ENS is also available in a full range of vibrant colours. 

Recommended for dry wood applications. 

Sansin ENS is an environmentally-friendly highly durable two-coat wood finish, designed for exterior vertical surfaces, siding, timber, furniture, windows and doors.

It is exceptionally UV resistant, washable, low in VOC’s, and non-flammable with easy soap and water clean-up.

Sansin ENS provides a rich and attractive coating with exception durability and weather protection.

ENS is compatible to surfaces pre-treated using SDF or Classic. ENS offers excellent adhesion characteristics and can be applied over many water-based or alkyd products to enhance protection and beauty.

For increased protection use SDF or Classic for the first coat to ensure penetrating protection.

Why Choose Sansin?

  • Sansin bonds directly with wood to forming a tough, durable barrier that won't crack, peel or blister.
  • Sansin lets wood 'breathe' more freely, dramatically improving dimensional stability and allowing wood to adjust naturally to moisture levels in the environment
  • Modified natural oils and resins are impregnated with special UV protectants so every exposed cell of your wood is protected
  • Natural protection against wood decay
  • Simple maintenance routine
  • Long lasting protection when compared to other available wood care products
  • 79 colour tones inspired by nature
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Case Study

Sansin ENS on Western Red Cedar deck boards and fencing matches decking and interior flooring for contemporary look and natural feel

Finishing & Protection

It is recommended that a finish is applied to all surfaces, including ends, before installation. The type of coating will be determined by the final finish and appearance desired.

Why Pre-finish?

  • Enhances the natural beauty of wood
  • Ensures a consistent finish
  • Applied in factory conditions
  • Long lasting protection against weathering
  • Simple maintenance routine
  • Reduces onsite labour costs

Prefer the silvery-grey look?

Sioo Impregnation quickly provides a clean wood surface with an attractive silvery-grey finish often desired but seldom achieved from new wood or damaged applications.

What is weathering?

There is a risk involved when leaving wood exposed to the elements. During the weathering process wood can appear unsightly as the material can blacken due to moisture getting into the fibres and pulling out tannins and extractives. Finish protects the wood from moisture absorption and UV degradation.

Sansin Enviro Stains - Naturally Perfect Wood Protection

Sansin Enviro Stains - Naturally Perfect Wood Protection

For over 25 years Sansin have pioneered the use of environmentally friendly water-borne wood protection technologies that deliver outstanding performance. With a wide range of wood preparation and protection products, Sansin offer solutions for external and internal applications, designed to enhance the natural beauty of your wood.

Why choose Sansin?

  • Natural ingredients modified for enhanced performance
  • Bonds directly with wood rather than forming a film
  • Forms integral part of wood's cell structure
  • Safe for you and the environment
  • Low odour
  • Easy to apply and maintain
  • Long lasting performance

The best of both oil and water

Why choose between an oil or water based solution when you can have the benefits of both?

Sansin Enviro Stains combines the two, carrying natural oils and resins deep in the wood's cell structure using water.

As the water evaporates, Sansin bonds directly with the wood substrate, forming a tough, durable barrier that won't crack, peel or blister.

Wide range of choice

Sansin Enviro Stains let the natural personality of your wood shing through. With over 80 colour tones, you can be sure of finding the colour to suit your every project.

For inspiration, Sansin turned to the everyday miracles of the natural world.

And should you have a colour in mind that isn't available in our collection, our Precision Coat mixing service lets you bring it to life.

News - Silva Timber becomes UK Distributor of Sansin Enviro Stains


Several companies can claim to be 'green' and friendly to the environment, but Sansin truly live and breathe their environmental practices, as important now as when Sansin first pioneered the Water based alkyd solution over 25 years ago. 

Natural by design

Sansin's technology is inspired by a thousand year old tradition that uses nature's own ingredients - resins and gums from the heartwood of trees - to deliver sustainable protection. 

Low VOC Content

New legislation about Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content in coatings has forced a wide range of companies to change their formulas to fit within the 152 gram per litre regulations. Caring about the environment from the outset means Sansin's original forumulas are as low as 32 grams per litre, meaning it is as safe to use as it always has been. 

No harmful ingredients

Paraffin wax is often used in many water and solvent-based coatings to protect against moisture damage, however this surface layer can be easily eroded by exposure to UV radiation. In fact, just 5 hours of direct sunlight can reduce water repellency by over 60%* Sansin coatings use no paraffin an contain modified natural oils and resins, impregnated with special UV protectants - so every cell of your wood is protected. 

*Source - Water-based vs. Solvent-based formulations. Wood Science Faculty, U of T/Jan. '02

Focus on responsibility

Sansin strives to minimise waste and ensure responsible handling of waste products. A unique rinse water recycling system allows products of cleaning processes to capture and reuse raw materials otherwise waster. Regular facility improvements and operating initiatives such as the Sansin Second Nature programme focus on energy savings, waste reduction and recycling. 

Second nature

Wood is Sansin's passion and their commitment to protecting it and the environment is paramount. Sansin's vision is continually improve their products alongside their environmental practices, as part of Sansin's Second Nature programme. Sansin are pursuing initiatives such as using alternative green energy, smart car technology, and smart manufacturing processes, moving closer to the objective of operating a sustainable zero waste production facility.


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