Sansin SDF - Recommended colours by species

We know that it can be difficult to imagine what a particular colour tone of stain will look like on your wood cladding, so we’ve identified the colours from Sansin’s Natural Tones range that we think look the best on each particular wood species.

The reason for focusing our recommendations on the Natural Tones is that this range is the most translucent of Sansin’s four colour categories, therefore the colour of the substrate to which they are applied will have a greater influence on the final appearance. Certain colours in the Natural Tones range accentuate the colour tones inherent in each particular wood species to stunning effect. We’ve identified these colour tones to make the selection process a bit easier for you.

The images below have been created to match test samples that we have made. The finished product may be a shade lighter or darker than the image you see on your screen depending actual colour tone of the board to which it is applied and other factors such as the level of natural lighting.

The appeal of Sansin’s Natural Tones range is that the colours allow the natural characteristics of the wood to shine through – grain patterns, colour variation, knots and all the characteristics that make wood beautiful and unique will still be visible through the stain.

Western Red Cedar Cladding

ThermoWood Cladding

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