Siberian Larch and Sansin Work Perfectly in Garden Transformation

Yulia Fulton
Siberian Larch
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Yulia Fulton Siberian Larch

We’re a nation of garden lovers and on a warm sunny day, who doesn’t think about sitting out in the garden on their way home? The unpredictable British weather makes us appreciate our time outdoors a little more and we certainly make every minute count.

The latest trend we’re seeing with British gardens is to have a garden building, whether it’s to provide creative office space, craft or hobby area, or simply a more modern version of a shed, they’re certainly proving popular.

Imagine having a space that provides a connection to the garden whilst letting you escape the house whatever the weather, and it’s easy to see the appeal.

Yulia, one of our customers, recently undertook a garden renovation, which involved brand new decking and a garden building. Looking to create a contemporary and modern space to match her home, Yulia settled on using Siberian Larch for its mix of character and style. Wanting to achieve more golden brown tones, Siberian Larch was the natural choice with its durability and rot resistant qualities; the interesting grain patterns were an added bonus.

Using the same wood species throughout the garden renovation really shows how versatile timber is as a building material, but it can be overwhelming. Sansin SDF wood finish (Banff Brown) was used on the cladding of the garden building to add a bit of variation as the decking and fencing had been kept natural with a weather protector to preserve the wood. This use of colour is a great way to distinguish certain areas of your garden and add a bit of variety.

This fantastic garden overhaul really showcases how natural materials can help bring your garden to life and give you a really interesting space that sets your garden apart.

"I fell in love with Siberian Larch so much that I also used it as internal flooring to seamlessly match the modern design in my home with the new contemporary garden."

Yulia Fulton