The Benefits of Treating Siberian Larch Cladding with Sioo

Siberian Larch is a popular natural choice for cladding and siding, largely thanks to the superior characteristics inherited from nature. As Siberian Larch grows in forests with harsh climates, the trees grow slowly, fostering a very dense heartwood. Heartwood contains a high element of protective resin providing strong resistance against rot and decay. 

New Siberian Larch has a beautiful lustre with golden yellow colour tones and a warm grain pattern. If left untreated, Siberian Larch takes on a greyish lustre and a number of common problems can occur due to exposure to UV, moisture or general weathering. 

Treating with Sioo helps solve these problems.

As Siberian Larch has a high resin content with a large tannin concentration, dirt from moisture can accumulate fairly easily. As the tannin in the wood is left exposed to the elements, it becomes oxidised, creating the darkened appearance commonly seen on untreated timber. 

By applying Sioo Wood Protection to new timber, algae formation is prevented and rot is resisted. The application results in a light, lustrous surface finish, protecting the wood against any deterioration and discolouration. When applied to existing timber with mould proliferation Sioo Wood Protection will halt the mould growth, break down the existing algae and kill the rot. Darkened wood will return to its natural colour and age to a beautiful, consistent silvery grey over time. 

Sioo Wood Protection can treat, defend and protect any wood species, and is particularly effective when used on Cedar, Oak and ThermoWood. 

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