SILVACLAD™ Factory Coated Western Red Cedar Tongue & Groove V-Joint Cladding

£82.81 (inc VAT) £69.00 (ex VAT) per sqm

SILVACLAD™ is a fully factory coated cladding system combining the legendary longevity and performance characteristics of Canadian Western Red Cedar with SDF Precision Coat, a superior factory coating system developed by Sansin, the global leader in environmentally friendly wood protection.

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Please note: Delivery leadtime for SILVACLAD products is currently 4-6 weeks.

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At a Glance

  • Factory coated Western Red Cedar cladding available in 5 stunning opaque colours.
  • Exceptional value for money.
  • Finished on all sides with two coats of Sansin SDF Precision Coat.
  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically with no visible nails.
  • Kiln-dried.
  • Proven life expectancy of 60+ years.
  • Low maintenance.
  • PEFC certified.
  • Sustainably sourced from well-managed forests in British Columbia, Canada.

The Substrate: Cascadia Brand Canadian Western Red Cedar

Cascadia is produced in Canada by Terminal Forest Products (TFP), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Western Red Cedar products. To produce Cascadia cladding, TFP use only the highest quality second growth live knotted wood fibre, sourced from well-managed forests in the coastal regions of British Columbia. It is kiln dried and machined to the highest industry standards in TFP’s state-of-the-art sawmill. Since 2008 Silva has been the exclusive UK distributor for TFP.

Coating Technology: Sansin SDF Precision Coat

About Sansin

Since 1986 The Sansin Corporation has been focused on creating the best performing, most beautiful water-borne wood finishes in the world. An innovative research and development program has made Sansin the leader in developing environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional wood coatings and preservatives. Sansin Enviro Stains are fast becoming the world-wide choice for customers who demand the absolute best in performance and beauty for their homes.

Benefits of SDF Precision Coat

SDF Precision Coat is a tough, effective penetrating stain for wood cladding. It allows the texture of the wood surface to show through, giving it a more natural look than traditional film-forming finishes which tend to look ‘plasticky’.

  • Specially formulated oils and resins penetrate deep into the wood.
  • Provides outstanding weather and UV protection.
  • Highly water-repellent – ideal for moisture-rich environments.
  • Allows the wood to “breathe”, helping to prevent moisture from getting trapped in the wood and causing rot.
  • Penetrates into the wood, leaving the grain and texture visible for a more natural appearance.
  • Won’t crack, peel or blister.
  • Easy to maintain with a single top-up coat.


SDF Precision Coat has another major advantage over film-forming finishes. When the time comes to apply a maintenance coat, minimal preparation is required. Normally the surface simply requires cleaning before a single top-up coat is applied. Wood surfaces coated with a failed film-forming finish usually require stripping and sanding before a fresh coating can be applied.

All five SILVACLAD colours are fully opaque, so they offer maximum protection against UV and thus much longer intervals between maintenance (than clear or semi-transparent finishes).

Sawtex™ - Fine Sawn Surface Texture for Better Looking and Longer-Lasting Coatings

This special surface texture has two benefits:

1. Wood scientists have proved that a textured surface will accept and retain finish significantly better than a smooth planed surface, thus improving the appearance and minimising future maintenance. The SAWTEX surface enables the coating to penetrate deep into the wood, rather than it just sitting on the surface as it would with a smooth surface. The result is deeper, richer and more consistent colour because more stain is in the wood and the overall level of penetration is more even.

2. The SAWTEX surface gives this cladding a beautiful natural appearance that makes the wood grain more visible and exudes a feeling of warmth, adding an extra layer to its appeal.

Western Red Cedar – the Ultimate Outdoor Wood

Western Red Cedar is synonymous with beauty and durability; however, it has a number of natural attributes that make it the ultimate outdoor wood.


  • Naturally durable species.
  • Durability Class 2 (BSEN350:2).
  • Proven life expectancy of 60+ years.

Dimensional Stability

  • Twice the stability of most commonly available wood species.
  • Does not excessively shrink, swell or warp through changes in moisture or temperature.
  • Lies flat stays straight and holds fasteners tightly.


  • Produces long, lightweight lengths.
  • Fine-grain and uniform texture makes it easy to cut, drill, sand, saw and insert screws and nails using common tools.
  • Readily accepts many types of wood finish due to its lack of pitch and resin.

Natural Preservative

  • Natural resistance to moisture, decay and insect damage.
  • One of the world’s most durable wood species.
  • Lasts for decades, even in harsh environments.

Benefits of Factory Coated Wood Cladding

  • Ensures the coating is applied properly and under perfect environmentally controlled conditions.
  • Ensures deep penetration and superior adhesion which optimises the durability of the coating and extends the maintenance cycle.
  • Gives the building an instant finished look.
  • Can be installed all year round without compromising the quality of the finish.
  • All sides of the board are coated, making factory coated cladding more dimensionally stable and therefore more resistant to warping, checking and splitting.
  • Ensures that the substrate is never exposed to UV or damaging weather conditions.
  • Saves time and labour costs.
  • There are no costly scheduling, weather or seasonal delays.
  • There are no overspray, dripping, splattering or clean-up problems.
  • The site is neat, and the project looks finished immediately.
  • There is no colour variation, lap marks, shrink lines, streaking or dirt pick-up.
  • Contributes to the timely completion of projects.
  • Advantageous in UK climate where applying exterior coatings is normally impossible during the winter.

Please note that though the boards are coated and protected on all sides, the back of the boards will not be coated to the same visual standard as the face.  Marks caused from contact with the drying rack and other irregularities may be visible on the rear of the boards.  This will have no negative impact on the performance of the cladding; however, it may be visually undesirable if it is intended for use in applications where it may be visible on both sides e.g. fences / screens.

Size Linear Metre Square Metre
19 x 137mm £10.68 £8.90 £82.81 £69.00


  • Size: 19 x 137mm
  • Coverage: 129mm
  • Linear metres per square metre: 7.75
All coverage includes 2mm gap


Grade & Quality

Cascadia Grade & Quality Description.

Technical Specification Sheet

Cascadia T&G V-Joint Technical Specification Sheet.


4-6 weeks.


£45.00 / £95.00 / £145 / £195.00 / POA depending on location.

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