SILVALarch™ Siberian Larch Optima Channel 10 Cladding

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Silva's Siberian Larch Channel 10 profile forms part of the Optima Series, a range of precision machined profiles that feature unique design details that make them easier to install and to help them perform better. 

Cladding profiles in the Optima series feature a discreet nail line for ease of installation together with a substantial overlap where the boards connect to accommodate the natural movement in wood.

The Optima Channel 10 profile can be installed horizontally or vertically. A bevelled recess where the boards meet creates bold shadow lines that will accentuate either the height or width of the façade. Boards connect with a tongue and groove system for easy installation. 

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SILVALarch™ Siberian Larch Optima Channel 10 Cladding

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SILVALarch Channel cladding is produced from the highest quality slow-grown Siberian Larch from the Irkutsk region of Russia, an area that experiences long cold winters and short summers. Wood from this harsh climate is much sought after for its natural growth characteristics – exceptionally slow-growing and, therefore, dense with tight grain.

The wood of Siberian Larch is highly valued for its remarkable properties and performance characteristics. It is strong and durable, possessing unusually high levels of resin, which give the heartwood a natural resistance to decay.

With its lustrous golden-brown colour and striking grain patterns, SILVALarch has a highly attractive appearance. Its good looks and physical/mechanical properties make it much sought after for exterior applications, particularly as a cladding material. 

Product Details

  • Sizes: 20 x 95mm, 20 x 120mm.
  • Grades: SILVALarch is available in two grades. Each is hand-selected from the highest quality slow-grown Siberian Larch to meet our own stringent in-house quality standards.
  • Profile: Tongue & Groove connection with a bevelled recess to create bold shadow lines.
  • Installation: Horizontal or vertical.
  • Surface texture: Smooth.
  • Moisture content: Kiln-dried at source to 16–18% (+/-2%).

Optima™ Series

The Optima Series is a range of precision machined cladding profiles designed and made by Silva for optimum performance.

Optima profiles feature unique design details that make them easier to install and to help them perform better. Optima profiles also look great – a cut above your average wood cladding.

Optima profiles are produced in 'high performance' wood species and come with a range of neat corner and trim solutions.

Designed to Allow for Movement in the Wood

Wood is a hygroscopic material that takes up and releases moisture according to the temperature and relative humidity of the ambient air. Changes in the moisture content of wood will lead to variations in the dimensions of wood. It will shrink as it releases moisture and expands again as it takes up moisture.

Cladding profiles in the Optima Series feature a substantial overlap where the boards connect to accommodate this natural movement in the wood without exposing a gap.

Optima Features

  • Tapered tongue and groove for faster installation.
  • Wide fixing area.
  • Large area lowers the risk of water ingress.
  • 10mm overlap to accommodate movement.
  • Hidden fixing.
  • 10° bevel on recess creates an attractive profile.

Key Properties

  • Colour: The overall colour of Siberian Larch is a lustrous golden-brown. However, closer inspection will reveal a range of colours varying from the creamy white of the narrow sapwood to the straw-coloured or dark, reddish-brown of the heartwood.
  • Durability: 50+ year service life. Decay resistance of ‘Class 3 Moderately Durable’.
  • Stability: Siberian Larch has low permeability, so it can cope with varying levels of humidity without absorbing much water. Thus, it will not shrink or swell excessively in service.
  • Density: Siberian Larch is an extremely dense and hard timber, therefore able to withstand knocks and scrapes. Weighs 570 to 650 kg/m3 when dried to 12% moisture content.
  • Thermal properties: Coefficient of thermal conductivity (k) of 0.13 W/m °C at 12% moisture content. Insulation value is approximately 15 times better than masonry, 400 times better than steel, and 1,770 times better than aluminium.
  • Acoustic properties: Can dampen vibrations making it particularly effective for use as interior panelling.
  • Kiln-dried: SILVALarch is kiln-dried, giving it many advantages. The process improves dimensional stability, permits the immediate application of a coating, and enables installation with minimal site acclimatisation.
  • Grading: SILVALarch is available in 2 grades. SILVA A grade offers a clean, relatively knot-free appearance and is ideal for design-led projects. SILVA B grade displays well-interspersed knots with some boards free or practically free of knots. Read more about grading and quality here - SILVA A, SILVA B.
  • Sourcing/certification: SILVALarch is sourced from sustainable forests in the Irkutsk region of Eastern Siberia, Russia, and comes with full FSC chain-of-custody certification.

Optional Extras

  • Coatings: The application of a coating is necessary to protect the wood and optimise its appearance over time. The coating should be applied to all surfaces, including ends, before installation. Choose from our wide range of high-performance wood coating systems.
  • Factory coating service: SILVALarch Optima Channel 10 cladding can be supplied factory coated. Having the coating pre-applied on all sides enables it to be installed at any time of year, regardless of the weather or temperature. Please Contact Us for a quotation.
  • SILVALarch corner solutions: Select from our range of co-ordinating corner trims.
  • SILVALarch fascia and trim boards: View our range of SILVALarch boards. Available in 4 widths, they are perfect for fascias, barge boards, door and window reveals, and many more uses.

For more detailed information, view our full range of Siberian Larch Cladding.

Size Grade Linear Metre Square Metre
20 x 120mm SILVA A £7.14 £5.95 £70.69 £58.91
20 x 120mm SILVA B £4.74 £3.95 £46.93 £39.11
20 x 95mm SILVA A £5.34 £4.45 £70.26 £58.55



  • Size: 20 x 95mm
  • Coverage: 76mm
  • Linear metres per square metre: 13.16
  • Size: 20 x 120mm
  • Coverage: 101mm
  • Linear metres per square metre: 9.90
All coverage includes 2mm gap


Grade & Quality

SILVA A Grade & Quality Description.

SILVA B Grade & Quality Description.



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