Slatted Screen Creates Sophisticated Al Fresco Dining Area

Living Colour Gardens
Western Red Cedar Slatted Screens
Client Product
Living Colour Gardens Western Red Cedar Slatted Screens

Slatted screens are a brilliant way to add a stylish touch to any garden and can be tailored to suit your garden’s design. Living Colour Gardens used Western Red Cedar slatted screen battens as a key feature and completely transformed their customer’s outdoor living spaces.

This garden had a fairly modern layout to start with but the homeowners wanted to create a space that also functioned as an al fresco dining area. The garden featured brick boundary walls and some beautifully established trees, but the shade they created made the garden quite dark. The old brick walls were given an instant boost with the addition of white render, which gave the garden a much-needed light, airy feel.

As the garden needed a dining area, Living Colour Gardens had to balance the homeowner’s privacy needs with a stylish design that didn’t feel boxed in. The original brick walls were kept at the back of the garden and a Western Red Cedar slatted screen was built on top to create a private setting.

The slatted screen battens were coated to match the clean, high-end design of the garden, perfectly contrasting with the original brick wall.

New raised planters were built for the dining area adding a splash of colour to the modern design. Climbers were planted to take advantage of the slatted screen structure and soften the hard landscaping by bringing the natural elements to eye level. The planters were filled with different species to create a fragrant, contemporary dining area.

Each material used was carefully selected to keep the contemporary feel the homeowner’s wanted while keeping the garden inviting. Sand-coloured stone paving was laid to keep the garden bright without bouncing the sunlight around the garden.

The end result is a million miles away from the garden the homeowners started with and shows how a little design can make a huge impact.