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Solid Maple Akoya Flooring - White - 19.8mm x 82.55mm - 7.43 sqm - PK5117

Was £621.41 (inc VAT) £517.84 (ex VAT) Now £310.70 (inc VAT) £258.92 (ex VAT)

We have available some end of line packs of high-quality Canadian manufactured hardwood flooring that we are offering at heavily reduced prices to clear. Some of the boxes are tatty but the contents look to be in perfect or near-perfect condition (we have not checked every piece).  Most of the boxes are strapped and unopened, but we have opened a couple to check that the product is in good condition. 

This pack contains 7.43 square metres of solid Maple coated in Akoya, a stunning pearl white colour. 

There are 4 boxes in total, each containing 1.86 square metres.

Before purchasing this pack, please ensure you have read the full product description information in the tab below.

Clearance packs are available for collection or local delivery only.

Solid Maple Akoya Flooring - White - 19.8mm x 82.55mm - 7.43 sqm - PK5117

Price: £621.41
Inc. VAT
Price: £517.84
Excl. VAT
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SKU: PK5117

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At a Glance

  • Brand: PG Model (Quebec, Canada).
  • Species: Maple (Acer Saccharum).
  • Grade: Select & Better.
  • Finish: Model Extreme - Akoya (White).
  • Moisture: 6 - 8% (+/-2%).
  • Size: 19.8mm x 82.55mm.
  • Flooring Type: Solid.
  • Box Size: 1.858 square metres.
  • Lengths: 0.3 – 2.1m.
  • Unit of sale: Pack (4 Boxes).
  • Total coverage: 7.43 square metres.
  • Notes: Sold as seen without warranty.


The white ‘Akoya’ finish has subtle undertones of mother of pearl.  You can see just see the wood grain through the finish.  This gives it a slight rose tint and the finish has a very slight sparkle to it.  It has a slight sheen but is not a glossy white.

It is produced from FSC Certified Maple.  With a Janka scale hardness rating of 1450, Maple is one of the hardest wood flooring surfaces available. The close grain of Maple timber gives it a soft, even texture. 

While the Maple grain is generally straight, it can also appear curly, wavy, or striped, providing natural character.

Maple is exceptionally strong and shock resistant with a fine, uniform texture. Coupled with the Model Extreme finish, Maple provides a high level of resistance to abrasion and wear, for a flooring material that will perform for decades. 

Select & Better Grade: - Variations in tone from light brown to white. Small sound knots and pin knots. Sound mineral streaks less than 2mm by 150mm. 

Installation:  Nailed or stapled. (Flooring nails or staples must be 38mm long)

Sanding:  Can be sanded up to 7 times.

Model Extreme 

Model Extreme is one of the best flooring coatings available, offering 'Extreme' resistance to surface wear.

Double aXion Tie Coat

PG Model's Double aXion tie coat formula withstands moisture better than any other chemical agent in the industry. It uses an exclusive bonding process; the coat acts on both wood fibre and successive coats of finish. The unique agent penetrates into the wood, prevents small surface cracks, and generally allows for better bonding of finish coats to the wood. 

Surface Scratch Resistance

The final topcoat applied is one of the most scratch-resistant in the industry. It withstands 60 cycles of wear during the ASTM D-4060-01 test. This resistance allows conservation of the flooring's initial lustre much longer than other products in the industry. PG Model's proven formula contains unique nano-components to enhance surface resistance. 

Protective Wall under the Topcoat

While the last coat (super topcoat) accounts for 8.5% of the overall thickness, the topcoat and all sealant coats account for more than 70% of the total thickness and can withstand more than 500 cycles during the ASTM D-4060-01 test.

PG Model Extreme uses UV Acrylate-Based Stains

This offers a variety of advantages over traditional water-based stains as used by many wood flooring manufacturers:

  • UV acrylate base does not alter wood fibre - Water in the base reacts negatively with natural wood fibre, causing it to expand and lead to ribbing on the finish
  • More eco-friendly finish: as it is a solid, UV acrylate base emits 50 times fewer VOCs than accepted under rigorous Canadian standards - Co-solvents included in the water base evaporate (60%) releasing volatile organic contaminants into the atmosphere
  • Greater colour transparency, better to appreciate the natural grain of the species chosen. This is known as natural wood tone conservation - Water-based stains deaden the natural appearance of wood. Finish transparency is affected, preventing light from penetrating the wood to highlight its beauty.
  • Does not result in dirty water during cleaning - An average sized plant in North America using water bases generates up to 10,000 litres of dirty water per month.
  • More stable colour tones - Evaporation in water bases alters product viscosity, making colour more unstable during production.

Clearance packs are sold at heavily reduced prices on the understanding that you purchase the full pack as is. They are sold as seen, and we are unable to exchange individual boards for any reason.

This pack is available for collection from Widnes or Harmondsworth, or for delivery in our local areas (North or South).

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£45.00 / £95.00 depending on location.

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