Eastern White Cedar Shingles


Eastern White Cedar Shingles Silva Timber is the UK distributor for Maibec®, North America’s largest producer of Eastern White Cedar shingles. Maibec® was the first manufacturer to use stellite-tipped saws to ensure precise cuts and to minimise raised grain.

Shingles are re-squared and re-butted for a beautiful natural finish that doesn’t require additional on-site trimming. The shingles are also kiln-dried for greater stability. Eastern White Cedar Shingles are available from Silva Timber in three grades in their natural state, or factory coated with either a solid or semi-transparent stain.

Maibec® Eastern White Cedar Shingles are FSC Certified and are available with a 50 year warranty against wood decay.

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Eastern White Cedar Shingles

Eastern White Cedar 
Shingles & Shakes




Nantucket Premium - A superior grade with no imperfections on either face and is suitable for use on all residential and commercial buildings where a high quality appearance is required.

Kennebunk Select - Designed to create appearance and affordability. Select grade shingles have no imperfections on the exposed face.

Bar Harbor Rustic - An economical shingle desired for its character, natural charm and contrasting tones. Rustic grae allows for sound tight knots on the exposed face of the shingle.

FSC & PEFC Certification

Eastern White Cedar Shingles are supplied with FSC Certification.

FSC is a world-wide, independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation representing environmental and social groups and the timber and forestry industry. It aims to generate certification of forestry activity that incorporates clear guidelines and standards covering social, environmental and economic aspects of forest management.

Established in 1993 as a response to concerns over global deforestation, FSC is widely regarded as one of the most important initiatives of the last decade to promote responsible forest management worldwide

The FSC label provides a credible link between responsible production and consumption of forest products, enabling consumers and businesses to make purchasing decisions that benefit people and the environment as well as providing ongoing business value.

Chain of Custody (CoC)

The FSC Chain of Custody (CoC) certification system provides an audit trail from forest to final use. The rigour of the system is ensured by regular independent inspection at all stages in the supply chain.

FSC chain of custody (CoC) tracks FSC certified material through the production process - from the forest to the consumer, including all successive stages of processing, transformation, manufacturing and distribution.

Only FSC CoC certified operations are allowed to label products with the FSC trademarks. The FSC label thus provides the link between responsible production and consumption and thereby enables the consumer to make socially and environmentally responsible purchasing decisions.

Silva Timber Products meets the requirements for FSC Chain of Custody Standard FSC - STD - 40 - 004 (2004) within the BM TRADA Certification Limited Scheme for TRADA - Trak chain of custody certification

Species Information

Eastern white cedar is a slow-growing conifer, native to northeastern North America. Averaging a height of 15 to 20 metres and a diameter ranging from 40 to 90 centimetres, it can reach over 20 metres at maturity with a diameter of 120 to 150 centimetres. It has remarkable longevity and some specimens live to be 800 years old. Its wood is stable, finely textured and extremely long lasting. It offers exceptional natural resistance to insects and decay, resulting in excellent durability. Its structure makes it a very good insulating material when it comes to sound and heat. Cedar does not require any preservatives or special maintenance. It is a natural alternative to treated wood. Its pleasant fragrance makes it highly prized for interior woodwork.

The sapwood is a creamy vanilla colour. The heartwood is straw yellow and may contain small knots.

Its surface is smooth with no splinters. The wood is soft, lightweight and even-grained.

Easy to mill, resistant to splits, good nail- and screw-holding abilities; good gluing properties. Can be painted, stained or varnished. Excellent permeability. Resistant to fungi.

Source: Quebec Wood Export Bureau

Finish and Maintenance

A number of staining options are available depending on the project's requirements, including solid colour or semi-translucent Nantucket Premium Eastern White Cedar Shingles.

Using the TrueMatch Factory Coated Colouring System, Silva Timber can supply custom produced Eastern White Cedar shingles in exactly the colour you have in mind.

Every shingle is factory coated on all sides in a controlled environment for maximum stain absorption and retention. This also provides increased UV and weather protection.

Up to 30 years warranty is available on selected stains. Please refer to the warranty section for more information.

Click here to download detailed Eastern White Cedar shingle maintenance guides.

Click here to download detailed Eastern White Cedar shingle maintenance guides.

Warranty Information

Silva Timber's Eastern White Cedar shingles are guaranteed to last. A 50 year warranty against wood decay and up to 30 years warranty on stains, provides you with quality assurance. For a natural product this is one of the best warranties in the industry. The standard warranty on solid colour stains is 15 years however this can be extended to 30 years by field applying two coats of a Maibec approved finish prior to the end of the first 15 years. Note that the stain warranty does not apply to Misty Grey as this product is designed to accelerate the weathering process, however the 50 year wood decay warranty does apply.

Warranty information against Wood Decay

Warranty information for solid stains

Warranty information against semi-translucent stains

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