Technical PDFs

Here you'll find a range of technical data sheets and pdfs to assist your project.


NBS Specification Information

Eastern White Cedar Shingles
Pre-finished Western Red Cedar
Siberian Larch Cladding & Trim
ThermoWood Cladding & Trim
THOR Torrefied Cladding & Trim
Western Red Cedar cladding and trim
Western Red Cedar Decking
Western Red Cedar Fencing
Western Red Cedar Shingles and Shakes


Bio-wash Wood Care Products

Guide to choosing the correct Biowash solution for your project - Decking

Guide to choosing the correct Biowash solution for your project - Cladding

Natural Deck Oil Directions for Use

Simple Wash Directions for Use

Stain Prep Directions for Use

Stripex L Directions for Use

Supernatural Directions for Use

Woodwash Directions for Use


Cladding Installation

Cladding Installation Guide

Cladding Selection, Installation & Finishing

Prefinished Cladding Maintenance Guide



Guide to choosing a fencing solution

How to Build a Solid Cedar Fence


GRK Fasteners

GRK Selection Guide



Prepdeck Technical Data Sheet

Prepdeck Safety Data Sheet

Net-trol Technical Data Sheet

Net-trol Product Sheet

Textrol Technical Data Sheet

Textrol Product Sheet

Seasonite Technical Data Sheet

Seasonite Product Sheet

Deks Olje D.1 Technical Data Sheet

Deks Olje D.1 Product Sheet

Owatrol Deks Olje D.2 Technical Data Sheet

Owatrol Deks Olje D.2 Product Information

Owatrol Compo-clean Technical Data Sheet

Owatrol Oil Product Information

Owatrol Oil Technical Data

Aquadecks Technical Data Sheet



Roofing Installation & Care

Roof Installation Manual

Cedar Roof Care & Maintenance

Certi-label Quality Control



Exterior Sealer Safety Sheet

Exterior Sealer Specifications

Armadek Safety Sheet

Armadek Specifications


Shingles & Shakes

Certi-label Western Red Cedar Shingles - Starting Green

Western Red Cedar Shingles & Shakes Application Handbook

Western Red Cedar Shingles Five-X Standard Grading Rules  (For Blue Label only)

Western Red Cedar Shingles Perfection Grading Rules  (For Blue, Red, Black, Green Label)

Western Red Cedar Handsplit Shakes Grading Rules

Western Red Cedar Tapersawn Shakes Grading Rules


Southern Yellow Pine

Guide to Southern Yellow Pine



Silva Timber ThermoWood Brochure

ThermoWood Handbook

ThermoWood Main Properties

ThermoWood Technical Instructions

ThermoWood Installation Instructions


Torrefied Wood

Thor Installation Guide

Torrefied Wood Explained

Maibec Colour Examples

Cabot Factory Finish Colours

Thor Siding Wood Warranty


Western Red Cedar

Growth, Properties & Uses of Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar Decking Guide

Western Red Cedar End Uses

Western Red Cedar Quick Facts