The Cozy Cottage Uses Cedar Shakes

A family in Surrey that needed a bit more room for guests asked Mark Burton to design and build an annex/guest house in their back garden. “The customers specified a large cabin that could be used all year round, sleeps 4-8 people and provide WC facilities”, explains Mark, an award-winning designer/builder of Tiny Houses and Bespoke Timber Cabins.

In order to create a structure that adds value to the property, Mark’s plan involved asking the customer to allow him to create something unconventional. The building, called “The Cozy Cottage” would be fully insulated with longevity in mind. Since it would be built underneath a huge pine tree, the roof would require to be built from a durable material. Western Red Cedar was the perfect choice, not only because of its strength but also because it would provide the necessary charm and character that the customer wanted.

Mark used Western Red Cedar Shakes as they look far chunkier than Shingles. “They make the cottage look both rustic and robust. This looks great alongside Waney Edge Timber that I used to break up the roof and walls a little bit.”

"The quality of the Western Red Cedar Shakes and the service provided by Silva Timber was first class."

Mark Burton, Award Winning Garden Designer

About Western Red Cedar Certi-sawn No. 2 Grade Tapersawn Cedar Shakes

Certi-sawn No.2 Western Red Cedar Shakes are an economical option offering a great deal of versatility. While being graded as No.2, they contain a high proportion of high-quality shakes and are often specified and perfectly acceptable to use on residential properties, unlike lower graded shingles.

Taper sawn shakes have the appearance of smoothly faced shingles, but the extra thickness of a shake. As their name suggests they are produced by sawing both faces to achieve a taper.

Cedar Shake roofs can be seen all over the US and Canada and becoming increasingly popular in the UK. They are incredibly durable and are able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Cedar Shake roofs also provide excellent insulation and as a result are increasingly being specified by architects for energy-efficient buildings. We are confident that if you like the look of Cedar shingles you will love the look of Cedar shakes.

Over time, the Western Red Cedar will weather to a beautiful silvery-grey and blend in with the surroundings. Mark further comments about the material, “The customer asked for a rustic look and I think this structure achieves that. The natural, but messy appearance provided by the Western Red Cedar Shakes give the cabin a lot more character. The quality of the shakes and service from Silva Timber was first class.”

Upon seeing the finished result, the customer was speechless for a while, before expressing how much she loved it. “It is absolutely amazing - over and above what I expected.”

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