ThermoWood® Pine Decking

£41.47 (inc VAT) £34.56 (ex VAT) per sqm

Silva ThermoWood® Pine is an attractive, sustainable solid wood decking material produced using a chemical-free natural process involving heat and steam. Finnish-grown European Redwood (Scandinavian Pine) is heat-treated to temperatures in excess of 200 degrees Centigrade. This thermal modification process makes it durable, dimensionally stable, resin-free, and even changes its colour to a pleasing warm brown. The improved properties of Silva's ThermoWood Pine make it an ideal material for use in exposed external areas such as decking.

Silva’s ThermoWood Pine decking has grooves on the sides to accept a clip system (also available). The side grooves make it possible to install with no fixings visible on the surface of the deck. It can also be installed in the conventional method using deck screws fixed through the board.

Silva’s ThermoWood Pine decking has a stylish appearance and feels pleasant underfoot, even in hot conditions. No chemicals are used in the production process, so it is entirely free of toxins, making it a safe play surface for children.

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Product Details

  • Size: 26 x 118mm*
  • Grade: Silva ThermoWood Pine is produced from A/B grade European Redwood.
  • Profile: Side grooved decking (hidden fixing profile)
  • Surface texture: Boards feature one smooth side and one finely grooved surface.

*Board width is specially selected for superior knot quality and better overall appearance.  The raw material used to produce boards of this width is cut from the section of the log where the knots tend to be small, sound and tightly intergrown.

Key Properties

Colour: An attractive warm brown colour consistent throughout the section of the piece.

Durability: Silva ThermoWood Pine has a decay resistance of durability class 2 (durable) according to the EN 113 standard. A service life of 30+ years can be achieved, or 60+ years if a surface coating is applied at the outset and maintained periodically.

Stability: The lower equilibrium moisture content and the changes in the chemical composition of the wood during the heat treatment process make Silva ThermoWood Pine less able to absorb and release water, thereby improving dimensional stability.

Density: The density of Silva ThermoWood Pine is 350 – 480kg/m3 when its moisture content is 6% (typical for RH = 65%, t=20° conditions).

Thermal properties: According to VTT tests, ThermoWood Pine’s thermal conductivity λ10 is in the region of 0.099 W/(m K). The corresponding value for untreated kiln-dried European Pine is 0.12 W/(m K).

Raw material: Silva ThermoWood Pine is produced from high-quality PEFC certified Nordic Pine (Pinus Sylvestris). It is grown in the central belt of Finland, one of the best areas in the world for tree growth. Sub-zero winters alternate with short warm summers, which results in slow growth.

The slow growth provides the best possible straight-grained timber: branches and therefore knots are few, and those that exist are small. Growth is symmetrical, and trunks are straight and round. Growth rings are thin and tightly-packed. The amount of juvenile wood is little and heartwood high. The result is a hard, robust, and straight-grained timber with low internal tension and minimal cracks. The low-resinous, evenly patterned Finnish wood is first-class material for ThermoWood Pine production.

Grading: To ensure Silva ThermoWood Pine decking meets the highest quality standards, only specially selected sound (live) knotted wood is used in the production process. The quality of sawn timber is controlled with a general grading system according to the number, quality, location, and size of the knots and other features. The quality grade used to produce Silva ThermoWood Pine is A/B. Read more about grading and quality here.

Sourcing/certification: The raw material is sourced from well-managed and sustainable forests fully certified under the Pan European Forestry Certification (PEFC) scheme. 


Size Linear Metre Square Metre
26 x 118mm £4.32£5.18 £34.56£41.47


Size: 26 x 118mm.

Coverage: 125m (assuming 7mm gap between boards).

Linear metres per square metre: 8.00.


Recommended Fasteners

4.5 x 60mm Trim Head Screws.


2 weeks.


£45.00 / £95.00 / £145 / £195.00 / POA depending on location.

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Please note: As with most building supplies, delivery is to the kerbside only.

Scheduled Collection


Typically within 48 hours (subject to stock availability).



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