Timber Abbreviations

AD                                           Air dried

AL                                           All lengths

ALS                                         American Lumber Standard

ALSC                                      American Lumber Standard Committee

APHIS                                    Animal Plant Health Inspection Service

AST                                         At ship tackle

ASTM                                      American Society for Testing and Materials

AV                                           Average

AVL                                         Average length

AVW                                        Average width

AW                                          All widths

AW&L                                     All widths and lengths

BD                                          Board

BD FT                                     Board foot / feet

BDL                                        Bundle

BEV                                        Bevel

B/L or BL                               Bill of lading

BM                                          Board measure

BSND                                     Bright sap, no defect

BTR                                        Better

CB                                          Centre beaded

CF                                           Cost and freight

CFIA                                       Canadian Food Inspection Agency

CG                                          Close grain

CIF                                          Cost, insurance, freight

CIFE                                       Cost, insurance, freight, exchange

CLG                                        Ceiling

CLR                                        Clear

CLSAB                                   Canadian Lumber Standards Accreditation Board

CM                                          Centre matched

Con.                                       Construction

CS                                          Caulking seam

CSG                                       Casing

CV                                           Centre vee

DF                                           Douglas fir

DF-L                                       Douglas fir – Larch

Dim.                                       Dimension

DKG                                       Decking

D/S or DS                              Drop siding

D&M                                       Dressed and matched; centre matched unless otherwise pecified

D&CM                                                Dressed and centre matched

D&SM                                     Dressed and standard matched

D2S&CM                               Dressed two sides and centre matched

E                                             Edge

EB1S; SB1S                         Edge bead, one side

EB2S; SB2S                         Edge bead, two sides

E&CB1S; DB1S                   Edge and centre bead, one side

E&CB2S; DB2S                   Edge and centre bead, two sides

EV1S; SV1S                          Edge vee, one side

EV2S; SV2S                          Edge vee, two sides

EE                                           Eased edges

EG                                          Edge (vertical) grain

EM                                          End matched

FAS                                         Free alongside (vessel)

FG                                           Flat or slash grain

FLG                                        Flooring

FOB                                        Free on board (named point)

FOHC                                     Free of Heart Centre

FRM                                        Framing

FRT                                        Freight

FT                                           Foot

FT BM                                     Feet board measure

FT SM                                     Feet surface measure

GR or GRN                           Green

H&M                                       Hit and miss

HB or Hem-Bal                    Hemlock in combination with Balsam fir

HEM                                       Hemlock

HF or Hem-Fir                      Hemlock in combination with any of the true firs

H or M                                    Hit or miss

HRT                                        Heart (wood)

HT                                           Heat treated

IN                                            Inch or inches

JTD                                         Jointed

KD                                          Kiln dried

LBR                                        Lumber (timber)

LGR                                        Longer

LGTH                                     Length

LIN                                          Lineal

LNG                                        Lining

LR                                           Log run

M                                             Thousand

MBM                                       Thousand board foot measure

MC                                          Moisture content

MERCH                                 Merchantable

MG                                          Mixed grain; RG – Random grain

ML                                           Mixed lengths

MLDG                                     Moulding

MR                                          Mill run

MW                                         Mixed widths

N                                             Nosed

NLGA                                     National Lumber Grades Authority

NO.                                         Number

ORD.                                      Order

Para.                                      Paragraph

PAT or Pat.                            Pattern

PLIB                                       Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau

Part.                                        Partition

RDM                                       Random

REG.                                      Regular

REG.L                                    Regular lengths

RES                                        Resawed

RFG                                        Roofing

RG                                          Random grain

RGH                                       Rough

RIP                                         Ripped

R/L or RL                               Random lengths

RND                                       Round or rounded

RSS                                        Rough and/or surfaced to rough size

R/W or RW                            Random widths

SAP or Sap                           Sapwood

SDG                                       Siding

SEL                                        Select or Selected

SG                                          Slash grain

SH.D.                                     Shipped dry

SIT.SPR., Sitka or SS          Sitka Spruce

S/L or SL                               Shiplap

SS                                           Sitka spruce

STD.M.                                   Standard matched

SQ.                                         Square

SQRS                                     Squares

STD                                        Standard

STK                                        Stock

STPG                                     Stepping

S&E                                        Side and edge

S1E                                        Surfaced one edge

S2E                                        Surfaced two edges

S1S                                        Surfaced one side

S2S                                        Surfaced two sides

S4S                                        Surfaced four sides

S1S & CM                              Surfaced one side & centre matched

S2S & CM                              Surfaced two sides and centre matched

S4S & CS                              Surfaced four sides & caulking seam

S1S1E                                   Surfaced one side, one edge

S1S2E                                   Surfaced one side, two edges

S2S1E                                   Surfaced two sides, one edge

S2S2E                                   Surfaced two sides, two edges

S2S & SM                              Surfaced two sides & standard matched

TBR                                        Timber

T&G                                        Tongued and grooved; centre matched unless otherwise specified

VG                                           Vertical (edge) grain

WDR                                      Wider

WT                                          Weight

WTH                                       Width

WRC                                      Western Red Cedar


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