Dricon - Fire Retardant Treated Timber and Panel Products


DRICON fire retardant treated timbers and board products has provided an assured surface spread of flame protection for construction projects across the world for over 25 years. They have an unrivalled recognition from independent accreditations for providing a safe, durable and proven protection for homes and public access buildings.

DRICON is a Humidity Resistant type fire retardant product applied by a carefully controlled high pressure impregnation process followed by kiln drying and has independent classification reports across a wide range of timber species and thicknesses.

Please compare Fire Retardant Treatment Products carefully. DRICON treatment is the assured and durable choice for permanent interior timbers and weather protected exterior timber and panel product applications.

Reasons to choose DRICON:

History of proven performance
BBA Accredited by the British Board of Agrement (BBA)
Exova Independent classification reports for each timber species, timber thickness, for use with or without air gaps - BS EN 135011-1
London Underground Approved by London Underground
WPA Products listed by the UK Wood Protection Association
Chiltern Approved by Chiltern International against the TF2000 6 storey timber frame staircase test
NASC Accepted by the NASC for protection of scaffold boards
Meets current FR durability standards - lasts the lifetime of the building with no maintenance
iso9001 Applied by an ISO 9001 accredited company
iso14001 Applied by an ISO 14001 accredited company
Applied to all faces of the timber product
Applied by a controlled impregnation process
From a supplier operating to the UK Wood Protection Association Quality Scheme
Treated with products manufactured by the supplier
Available for a wide range of species
Reduces smoke generation
Non-corrosive to metal fastenings
Does not reduce the strength of the timber
Non-hygroscopic - does not absorb water or rise to efflorescence
Treated products free from surface salt deposits
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To specify DRICON fire retardant treated timber or panel products the following wording is recommended...

The timber as detailed ... (insert species, type, grade, quantity, dimensions) ... is to be used in ... (insert end use description or description of component) and is to be vacuum pressure impregnated with DRICON fire retardant and subsequently kiln dried in accordance with the DRICON manufacturer's specification to meet ... (enter appropriate standard and treatment class).

Treated timber which is subsequently rip sawn, equalised, planed or heavily sanded must be returned to the treatment plant for re-treatment.


Download the full list of timber species available for DRICON fire treatment, all backed with independent Classification Reports.


Details for placing orders and arranging deliveries of DRICON fire retardant treated timbers are available direct from Silva Timber Products.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the safety aspect of fire protection we would recommend that specifiers contact Silva Timber Products directly to ensure you are specifying the correct species, thickness and level of protection.

Download the DRICON Specification Clause as PDF...

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