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Universal Decking Connector

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This hidden deck fastening system is suitable for timber decking boards between 19 - 40mm thick. Fixed to the bottom of the decking boards, these decking connectors are the perfect solution for a beautiful deck free of nail heads.

At a glance

A reliable, hidden fastening system.

Our Universal Decking Connectors are a simple and effective concealed fixing system for installing deck boards where hidden fixings are preferred. The connectors are screwed to the bottom of the boards and then screwed to the joists, so there are no fixings through the face of the boards.

Universal Decking Connectors are made from 304 grade stainless steel. They are available either uncoated (stainless steel finish) or stainless steel coated in a black finish which makes them slightly less visible through the gap between the boards. Stainless steel screws are included, along with a suitable driver bit.

Installation instructions

Universal Decking Connectors are screwed to the back of the deck boards. It may help if you go through the boards and mark the side you will be using as the back with pencil or chalk.

1.) Cut the first deck board to length then lay it across the joists in the exact position that it will be installed. Then mark the position of the centre of each joist.

2.) With the underside of the board facing upwards draw a pencil line across the width of the board to mark each joist centre. These pencil lines mark the position to attach the connectors.

3.) With the pencil lines as a guide attach the connectors to the underside of the deck board using the stainless steel blank screws (UNIA 4,2 x 17mm or 22mm). The connector which will slide underneath the previous board should be 2 – 3 cm away from the side of the substructure. The second connector which will be mounted to the joist using the black stainless steel screw (UNIA 4,2 x 35 mm) should be mounted central to the guideline as illustrated in the picture 3. At this stage the connectors are upside down. Note that the first and last deck boards need to be fixed through the face of the boards on the outside edge. A connector is still required to create the correct gap between the joist and the underside of the deck board. These are installed perpendicular to the rest of the connectors as illustrated below picture 7. You will need to hammer down the lip on the connectors to do this.

4.) Attach the connectors to the deck board using UNIA 4,2 x 17mm or 22mm screws as explained above.

5.) Turn the board over and slide the floating connectors underneath the previous board and fix the other connector using UNIA 4,2 x 35 mm to the joist.

6.) Continue this procedure until all the deck boards have been installed.

7.) Picture 7 illustrates our deck board installation aid which enables the installer to create uniform gaps between the deck boards throughout the installation process (not included – please order separately).

8.) Picture 8 Illustrates the connector being fixed to the substructure once the desired board joint has been chosen.

The illustrations below picture 7 and 8 show how to install the first and last board. Please follow the procedure on the left side. The outside edge of the board has to be visibly fastened but we still need a connector on this edge for the distance between the bottom of the board and the top of the substructure (7 mm). Simply mount the connector upside down to the top of the substructure. Mount the connector which will be fixed to the substructure as normal. Turn the board over pre-drill and countersink the outside edge and fix using a screw.

The last picture illustrates the maximum distances between all components.

Please download the instructions in the technical section below.

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Made from 304 grade stainless steel. These connectors come with screws in two different sizes to suit different board depths. Please ensure you select the correct screw size as the tip of the screw could show through the face of the boards if the wrong size are chosen.

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