Urban West London Garden Uses Contemporary Slatted Screen Fencing

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Charlie Day Gardens West London
Western Red Cedar Premium Slatted Screens
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Charlie Day Gardens West London Western Red Cedar Premium Slatted Screens

West London based Charlie Day Gardens specialise in high-end urban gardens. In a project for a property developer with very high expectations, space utilisation and choice of materials was key.

The client requested a contemporary garden that was secluded from the street and neighbours without feeling too enclosed. Adding to the challenge was that the West London property’s garden is 6 feet below street level. This meant that lighting would be a problem for Charlie to tackle.

"I wanted the garden to be somewhere that they could use for entertaining during the spring and summer months. The location of the garden impacted heavily on the materials that I used."

The limestone floor and rendered walls were used to reflect as much light as possible, which was obviously at a premium. The fence needed to let in as much light as possible into the garden.

Charlie was doing some research into Western Red Cedar online, where he found out about Silva Timber. He visited our West London branch, where he decided that Western Red Cedar slatted screens would be the ideal choice.

"I chose Western Red Cedar as the material for the screening as it is light weight, durable and doesn’t warp or bend. Also, the variation in colours, wonderful aroma and the fact that it weathers to grey over time all add to the premium feel of the garden.

This was the first time I used Western Red Cedar. It worked out so well that since then, I have used it for 90% of my projects involving trellis or fencing."

Western Red Cedar Slatted Screens

Crisp and contemporary, horizontal lines are very much in fashion, both indoor and in the garden. Western Red Cedar Slatted Screen fences provide the sought-after look without restricting light or privacy. Particularly in smaller urban gardens, the warm and varied colour tones of the wood help add a much needed natural feel.