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Waldun Premium Certi-Ridge Pre-Formed Shingle Western Red Cedar Fire Retardant Treated Hip & Ridge Caps

£164.59 (inc VAT) £137.16 (ex VAT)

Certi-Ridge® shingle hip & ridge units are pre-assembled caps for intersecting roof surfaces at hips and ridges. They are manufactured from Number 1 Grade Western Red Cedar fire retardant treated shingles and supplied in bundles of 36 units, which will cover up to 5m of hip or ridge.

Shingles have been pressure treated with fire retardant to International Code Council (ICC) Class B. This is the equivalent of BS 476 part 3; the required standard in the UK for roofing applications. 

Certi-Ridge® shingle hip & ridge units are made from two pieces fastened together by temporary staples, which allows flexibility to accommodate a range of pitches. They are 18"/457mm in length and have a butt thickness of 11.5mm. They are not less than 7″/178mm wide (measured on the inner surface at the butt end).

Wastage Allowance
Please ensure when ordering that you make an allowance for wastage. We recommend adding an additional 10-15% over and above your initial requirements.

Waldun Premium Certi-Ridge Pre-Formed Shingle Western Red Cedar Fire Retardant Treated Hip & Ridge Caps

Price: £164.59
Inc. VAT
Price: £137.16
Excl. VAT
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At a Glance

  • Number 1 Grade, Blue Label.
  • Fire retardant treated to BS 476 part 3 (equivalent standard).
  • Creates a weather-tight joint at intersecting roof surfaces.
  • Provides an attractive 'finishing touch' to cedar shingle roofs.
  • Certi-label® quality assurance.
  • PEFC Certified.
  • Waldun Production.

Each bundle contains 18 units with a left-hand overlap and 18 units with a right-hand overlap, which are installed alternately at the same weather exposure as the roof shingles. They are fixed in position with concealed nails.

Certi-label® Quality Assurance

Not all cedar shake and shingle products are alike. Certi-label products, manufactured by Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau members, assure you of the highest quality standards. Member mills have committed to consistent quality through independent third-party inspections by accredited agencies. Each bundle of the product has the mill's distinctive Certi-label tucked under the bundling strap. Asking for "the blue label" or "number one blue label" is not specific enough. Cedar Bureau members' products are the only ones with the Certi brand name on the label.


Shingles are fire-treated in Canada to ICC Class B standard which is equivalent to the UK standard BS 476 part 3.

A Genuine 'Eco' Material

Western Red Cedar used to produce shingles is a renewable and sustainable resource. 

When trees are harvested, new trees are planted. These growing trees emit oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, cleaning the air, and creating a healthier environment.

Western Red Cedar shingles are renewable; sustainable; their manufacture produces low emissions and no wastage; they contribute to providing energy-efficient buildings, and they are recyclable. This makes them a truly 'green' building material.

Salvage Logging

A good part of cedar shake and shingle wood fibre supply comes from salvage logging. The salvage logging process involves harvesting sections of logs that would otherwise be left on the forest floor as they are unusable for other forestry business operations. As cedar is naturally decay-resistant, this salvage fibre is in pristine condition and allows the industry to make full use of a valuable natural resource. 

Produced From the Very Best Old-Growth Western Red Cedar

Made from exceptional old-growth Western Red Cedar heartwood, the quality of Number 1 Grade Shingle Hip & Ridge Units exceeds the official industry grading rules.

Waldun Forest Products 

Number 1 Grade Shingle Hip & Ridge Units are made by Waldun Forest Products. This family-owned company dates back half a century and is today one of the largest and most respected names in the cedar shingle and shake industry.

The Waldun name is synonymous with quality. In 2012, Waldun shakes were chosen for the restoration of Philadelphia's Independence Hall - perhaps the most important historic building in the United States. It was here that both the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were debated and adopted.

Silva's relationship with Waldun goes back over 15 years. Our partnership with this leading manufacturer enables us to offer our customers the most comprehensive range and extensive stockholding of cedar shakes and shingles in Europe.


1 bundle = 5.03 linear metres.


Length - 18" (457mm).

Width: - 7" (178mm) minimum (measured over the top at the butt end).

Bundle - Hip & ridges are supplied in bundles of 36 units; 18 left-hand and 18 right-hand bevels.

Shingle Courier Delivery

For 1 or 2 bundles

Up to 3 working days.

Starting from £15.00 per bundle.

Palletised Shingle Delivery

For 3 or more bundles

5-7 working days.

Starting from £48.50 per pallet.

You can view our detailed delivery charges and services here.