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Waldun Premium Certigrade® No. 1 MicroPro Blue Label Western Red Cedar Shingles

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Waldun Premium are the gold standard of Western Red Cedar shingles - a cut above ordinary No. 1 Grade Blue Label, they are the ultimate in appearance and durability.

These Waldun Premium shingles have been treated with MicroPro Sienna®, a warm brown toned preservative. The pressure treatment process on this batch has left a slightly patchy finish on the surface of the shingles (as shown in the photos), so we are selling these off at a heavily reduced price. The shingles are otherwise perfect quality, it’s just the appearance that is slightly impaired. Once installed on a roof this will not be obvious, and over time they will weather down to a consistent colour. You can optimise the appearance by selecting the best face (shingles can be installed either way up) or using the nicest looking / unaffected shingles in more prominent areas.

Note: These are less expensive than our standard untreated No. 1 Blue Label shingles. As these are Waldun Premium’s and preservative treated they are moving quickly, so don’t hang around – get yourself a bargain!

At a glance

  • The gold standard of western red cedar No. 1 Grade Blue Label shingles
  • Contains a greater proportion of wider shingles than standard No. 1 Grade Blue Label for easy installation
  • Pressure treated with MicroPro Sienna preservative to increase durability and enhance natural colour
  • Produced from renewable and sustainable sources

The gold standard of Western Red Cedar shingles

Produced from the very best old growth Western Red Cedar

Made from exceptional old growth Western Red Cedar heartwood, their quality exceeds the official industry grading rules. Superior wood fibre combined with the fact that a bundle of Waldun Premium typically contains a greater proportion of wider shingles than standard No. 1 Grade Blue Label (enabling faster installation), makes them well worth the minimal extra investment.

Waldun Forest Products – a family company and respected name in the industry

Waldun Premium shingles are made by Waldun Forest Products, a family company that dates back almost half a century, and who are today one of the largest and most respected names in the cedar shingle and shake industry.

The Waldun name is synonymous with quality. Back in 2012 it was Waldun shakes that were chosen for the restoration of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall. Perhaps the most important historic building in the United States, it was here that both the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were debated and adopted.

Silva’s relationship with Waldun goes back almost 15 years. Our partnership with this leading manufacturer has enabled us to become a major importer with what is probably the widest range and largest stockholdings of cedar shingles and shakes in Europe.

Beautiful natural appearance that gives buildings a touch of individuality

With rich warm colour tones and texture, Western Red Cedar shingles will provide a distinctive look of character that blends naturally with the environment.

MicroPro Sienna® colour toned preservative treatment

MicroPro Sienna® is a preservative treatment that will boost the durability of the shingles and enhance their natural colour to a rich warm brown tone that will gradually weather down over time. Alternatively it can be re-finished to maintain the colour.

A complete range of shingle products

In addition to shingles, Silva also provides pre-formed shingle hip and ridge units, battens, Tyvek® breathable membrane, stainless steel nails, and a wide range of finishes and cleaning products – everything you need to complete the job.

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Coverage per bundle (approx.) m2
1 Bundle on roofs with 18º+ pitch 2.3m2
1 Bundle on roofs with a pitch 14 - 18º  1.74m2
1 Bundle on vertical sidewalls 3.25m2

Approximated Nails usage guide - 1 kilo of 1.8 x 31mm Stainless Steel Annular Ringshank Nails will be required to fix 4 bundles of shingles.

Recommended use - The premium grade for many applications where a good quality finish is required.

Batten Spacing - Space battens to coincide with the weather exposure. Spacing between adjacent shingles (joints) should be a minimum of 6mm and a maximum of 9mm. Joints in any one course should be separated not less than 38mm from joints in adjacent courses and in any three courses, no two joints should be in direct alignment.

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