Western Red Cedar 2 Piece L-Shaped Corner

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The detailing of internal and external corners will have a strong visual impact on any cladding project. The corners should relate to other features, such as the detailing around window openings. 

There are three ways to use the 2-piece corner:

1. It can be fitted on top of the cladding to cover the ends/edges - known as capping.

2. It can be fitted flush with the face of the cladding - known as trim.

3. It can be used to create a re-entrant corner.

The 2 piece l-shaped corner detail is used when a larger, more defined corner is required. It can be used with both horizontal and vertical cladding. 

Please note, this product is generally milled to order so longer leadtimes may apply.

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Please ensure when ordering that you make an allowance for wastage. We recommend adding an additional 10-15% over and above your initial requirements.

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Product Details

  • Sizes: Part A: 20 x 64mm / Part B: 20 x 44mm (to make 64 x 64mm 2 Piece L-Shaped Corner)
  • Grade: Produced from specially selected 100% No. 2 Clear & Better Vertical Grain.
  • Surface texture: Smooth.
  • Moisture content: Kiln-dried at source to 12–15%.

Key Properties

  • Colour: Palette of rich, warm wood tones, which vary from light amber to dark reddish-brown.
  • Vertical grain (VG): Vertical grain wood has superior properties to flat grain. It has better dimensional stability, better resistance to UV degradation, very low surface cracking and checking, and better finish absorption and retention qualities.
  • Durability: When properly finished and maintained, Western Red Cedar will deliver decades of trouble-free service. It has a decay resistance of durability class 2 (durable) according to the EN 113 standard.
  • Stability: Western Red Cedar has excellent dimensional stability because of its low wood density and shrinkage factor. Shrinkage and swelling are minimal, displaying only small movements with changes in humidity.
  • Density: The wood of Western Red Cedar is light, weighing 330 to 340 kg/m3 when kiln-dried (12-15% moisture content).
  • Thermal properties: Wood generally is an excellent thermal insulator, but Western Red Cedar has a particularly good insulation value because of its low wood density. Its coefficient of thermal conductivity (k) is 0.11 W/m °C at 12% moisture content.
  • Acoustic properties: Western Red Cedar is particularly effective when used as interior panelling to dampen vibrations and absorb sound.
  • Kiln-dried: Our l-shaped corner trim is kiln-dried, resulting in improved dimensional stability with the ability to apply a finish immediately and the opportunity to install with minimal site acclimatisation.
  • Grading: Produced from the highest specification Western Red Cedar available. The wood fibre is fine-grained, coastal grown, virtually knot free No. 2 Clear & Better grade (No. 4 Clear not permitted). It is specially selected to ensure every piece is vertical grain, and every piece is heartwood, making it an excellent wood cladding material, in terms of both appearance and performance. Read more about grading and quality here.
  • Sourcing/certification: Western Red Cedar l-shaped corner trim is sourced from the most sustainably managed forests in the world in British Columbia, Canada, and comes with PEFC certification.
Size Linear Metre
64 x 64mm £8.70£10.44


  • Size: 64 x 64mm


Grade & Quality

No.2 Clear & Better Vertical Grain Grade & Quality Description.


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