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Western Red Cedar Channel Cladding Shorts – 19 x 144mm - 10 sqm Packs - 78.7 Lineal Metres - PK1228

Was £1,225.84 (inc VAT) £1,021.53 (ex VAT) Now £404.52 (inc VAT) £337.10 (ex VAT)

Clearance packs are available at significantly reduced prices and are for keen woodworkers who have the tools and ability to gain the most out of the wood.

If you are prepared to put some work in, these clearance packs contain much recoverable wood, so they offer excellent value for money. They are ideal for garden projects like sheds, playhouses, treehouses, planters, etc.

We have several packs available, which we are selling at heavily reduced prices to clear. The quality of the pieces within each pack varies (see description below). If you are a keen woodworker, you’ll easily be able to tidy up the less attractive boards and cut out damage from other boards to recover a lot of usable material.

Before purchasing this pack, please ensure you have read the full product description information in the tab below.

Clearance packs are available for collection or local delivery only.

Western Red Cedar Channel Cladding Shorts – 19 x 144mm - 10 sqm Packs - 78.7 Lineal Metres - PK1228

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SKU: PK1228

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  • Species: Western Red Cedar.
  • Grade: No. 2 Clear & Better - 85% / No. 4 Clear - 15%.
  • M/C: Kiln dried 12 – 15% (+/-2%).
  • Finished size: 19 x 144mm.                                                             
  • Profile: Channel.
  • Lengths: Mixed assortment of 0.91m, 1.22m and 1.52m.
  • Unit of sale: Pack (78.7m).
  • Total coverage: 10 square metres*.
  • Suggested uses: Internal / external cladding.

Quality Description

Clearance packs are made up of boards pulled out during the production process because they do not make the grade for one reason or another.

The severity of the defects varies from minor damage, dirt, marks, knot holes, staining to longer splits and damaged sections that will require trimming out. Clearance packs contain boards with some or all these defects.

We’ve devised a grading system, which we are applying to each pack to ensure that the buyer gets a fair spread of each.

Boards have been separated into three grades using a scoring system of 0 - 100.

75 – 95 out of 100 (approximately 50% of the pack) Boards are mostly entirely usable with less significant defects, including surface marks, occasional small knot holes, etc.

50 – 75 out of 100 (approximately 30% of the pack) Boards in this tier have less severe defects such as occasional knot holes, minor machining defects, surface marks, and missing sections of the tongue (not seen when boards are connected) and groove.

10 – 30 out of 100 (20% of the pack) These boards have more serious machining defects to the edges and surfaces. They could be ripped/sanded/trimmed to recover good quality material.

N.B. Boards are graded on one face only. These are not reversible boards.

If you don’t have the correct tools and are unable to put work in to recover the wood we’d advise you to go for an alternative pack.

Further Information and Tips

Please note that some of the photographs may not be of boards in the specific pack you purchase. We’ve included a series of photos showing typical defects found in the shorts clearance packs.


  • Sand out any marks / stains with a random orbital sander using 60 / 80 grit sanding discs.
  • Trim out larger defects using a crosscut saw.
  • Rip damaged pieces with a circular saw or table saw to make smaller sections (trim etc).
  • Optimise material by planning the positioning of boards and any cuts to be made beforehand.
  • Use the least attractive pieces in less visible areas, e.g., round the back of a building.
  • Use an exterior wood filler in knotholes and indents.
  • Apply a coating such as Sansin SDF. Opaque colours will obscure most defects.
  • Glue splits.

Clearance packs are sold at heavily reduced prices on the understanding that you purchase the full pack as is. They are sold as seen, and we are unable to exchange individual boards for any reason.

This pack is available for collection from Widnes or Harmondsworth, or for delivery in our local areas (North or South).

Local Delivery

Selected postcodes only.


2 weeks.


£45.00 / £95.00 depending on location.

You can view our detailed delivery charges and services here.

Please note: As with most building supplies, delivery is to the kerbside only.

Scheduled Collection


1-2 weeks.