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Western Red Cedar Fine Sawn Tongue & Groove Cladding - 19 x 137mm

Price From: (exc VAT) £27.42 (inc VAT) £32.90
(exc VAT) (inc VAT)
Price per linear metre £4.99 £5.99
Price per square metre £39.29 £47.15

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Price From: (exc VAT) £27.42 (inc VAT) £32.90


This kiln dried Western Red Cedar tongue and groove cladding is intended for installation with the fine sawn textured surface exposed. We are able to offer this at a very attractive price because it exhibits some defects which are mainly on the (unseen) reverse. Please note this is a bi-product we source when available, so it may not always be in stock.

At a glance

  • Sold in packs - 6 boards per pack
  • Old growth coastal-grown cedar from British Columbia (Canada), known as rustic
  • Highest quality fine grained wood fibre
  • Kiln dried to 12-15% moisture content
  • Available in a range of lengths
  • PEFC Certified

Please read the full description of this product below

Fine Sawn for a rustic finish. Packs of 6.

This Western Red Cedar tongue & groove v-joint is a bi-product of the 'A & Better' and 'Clear Heart Vertical Grain' grades - the two highest Western Red Cedar grades that are commercially available (see NLGA rules).

One face has a 'fine saw textured surface and the other face has a smooth planed surface, however this particular product exhibits a varying amount of mostly visual defects on the smooth face. Although it is possible to recover a reasonable amount of clear defect free material from the smooth face, it will require frequent trimming and as a result more wastage will be generated which will need to be factored in when ordering.

There may also be defects that affect the fine saw textured face too, along with slight damage to tongues that is unseen once installed.

Due to the nature of the product we recommend this cladding is installed with the saw textured surface exposed. Aside from reducing your wastage, you will be rewarded with a very pleasing textured surface that we think offers a subtle improvement over a smooth faced appearance.

Another advantage to the fine sawn surface is that it will accept and retain a finish better than a smooth surface. Smooth planed wood usually exhibits a phenomenon called 'mill glaze' which prevents even stain penetration causing it to pool on the surface in certain areas. Wood scientists have proven that because saw textured wood surfaces absorb stain deeply and evenly, more stain is absorbed. Therefore the wood is better protected and will last longer between maintenance coats - up to 3 times longer in fact. The finish will also look more consistent because the stain penetrates more evenly resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing finished project.

Overall we are confident this cladding product offers tremendous value for money. Despite its imperfections a high quality appearance can be achieved due to the fact that most of the defects do not affect the final appearance or structural integrity of the installed boards as they are on the unseen reverse face (if installed with the fine sawn face exposed).

Please note that we do not sort or check this product before despatch. As described above you should expect to encounter defects and trimming may be required. This has been factored into the low price, making it possible to obtain premium clear Western Red Cedar cladding at a significantly reduced price.

By planning placement of boards and cuts in advance you will be able to keep wastage to a minimum and once installed you will be rewarded with a high quality finished appearance.

As with any cladding product, please remember to make allowance for 'saw waste' when ordering.

This product can be viewed at our Widnes warehouse. Please call in advance to check availability before making a special journey - 0151 495 3111.

View our short video to see the quality you can expect from these packs - click here

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Watch us unwrap a Fine Sawn trade pack to demonstrate the quality of these boards.

Coverage Rates

 Board Length    Board Quantity    Linear Metre Coverage    Square Metre Coverage  
0.915m 6 5.49 lm 0.69m2
1.22m 6 7.32 lm 0.93m2
1.52m 6 9.12 lm 1.16m2
1.83m 6 10.98 lm 1.40m2
2.13m 6 12.78 lm 1.63m2
2.44m 6 14.64 lm 1.86m2
2.74m 6 16.44 lm 2.09m2
3.05m 6 18.30 lm 2.33m2
3.35m 6 20.10 lm 2.55m2
3.66m 6 21.96 lm 2.79m2
3.96m 6 23.76 lm 3.02m2
4.27m 6 25.62 lm 3.26m2
4.58m 6 27.48 lm 3.49m2
4.88m 6 29.23 lm 3.72m2


This particular grade is a bi-product of 'A & Better' and 'Clear Vertical Grain' grades, the two highest grades of Western Red Cedar cladding that are commercially available. 

The boards have been graded on the fine sawn 'Rustic' face only, providing appealing texture and character. The textured face also accepts and retains finish particularly well, allowing for a quick and simple protection and maintenance routine. 

  • FSC
  • PEFC
  • Trada member
  • Responsible purchaser
  • Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau
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