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Western Red Cedar Shiplap Cladding - 18 x 144mm

Price From: (exc VAT) £8.49 (inc VAT) £10.19
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Price From: (exc VAT) £8.49 (inc VAT) £10.19


As a traditional cladding profile Western Red Cedar Shiplap cladding remains popular for a wide variety of projects. Installed horizontally to accentuate the length of the building, Western Red Cedar Shiplap profiles suit both contemporary and traditional applications.

Please note, this product is milled to order. Please allow up to 10 working days for delivery.

At a glance

  • Reduced by 30%

  • Kiln Dried Western Red Cedar
  • Shiplap profile partially overlaps the adjacent board creating attractive shadow lines
  • Available from stock in a choice of lengths
  • Silva Recommended Finish - Sansin SDF
    Western Red Cedar looks best in one of these colour tones...
    Natural (Harvest Gold) | Natural Cedar | Espresso
  • Shiplap profile partially overlaps the adjacent board creating attractive shadow lines

    Installed horizontally to accentuate the length of the building, Western Red Cedar Shiplap profiles suit both contemporary and traditional applications.

    The profile of each board partially overlaps the adjacent board creating attractive shadow lines.  Shiplap cladding provides excellent weather protection and allows for dimensional movement. 

    Western Red Cedar Shiplap cladding is produced from the very best fine grained, coastal grown Western Red Cedar.  It is kiln dried to 12 - 15% moisture content which means that it can be installed and finished immediately without the need for acclimatisation on site. 

    Silva Timber's shiplap profile is particularly appealing as it allows for a hidden fixing application. 

    Being kiln dried, the raw material planes to silky smooth finish that gives a crisp high end look to any project. Unlike air dried Western Red Cedar, this product can be installed immediately without the need for on-site acclimatisation.

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    Case Study

    Silva Timber No.4 Clear Grade Western Red Cedar specified by multi-award winning architects

    Finishing & Protection

    It is recommended that a finish is applied to all surfaces, including ends, before installation. The type of coating will be determined by the final finish and appearance desired.

    Why Pre-finish?

    • Enhances the natural beauty of wood
    • Ensures a consistent finish
    • Applied in factory conditions
    • Long lasting protection against weathering
    • Simple maintenance routine
    • Reduces onsite labour costs

    Sansin Enviro Stains

    Easy to apply and maintain, Sansin Enviro-stains deliver outstanding performance. Sansin's range of wood protection products are available in 80 colour tones

    What is weathering?

    There is a risk involved when leaving wood exposed to the elements. During the weathering process wood can appear unsightly as the material can blacken due to moisture getting into the fibres and pulling out tannins and extractives. Finish protects the wood from moisture absorption and UV degradation.

    What to expect from timber products

    When working with timber it should be expected that although ‘on-grade’, occasional boards may have minor imperfections that will require ‘working’ if you wish to eliminate. Examples include raised grain, small splits, minor handling marks, sticker marks etc – all of which can easily be remedied by trimming, gluing or sanding. In most cases imperfections can be removed with very little effort, and the small amount of off cuts generated as a result will be absorbed in the normal cutting and selection allowance.



    No. 2 Clear & Better (allowing 15% No. 4 Clear)

    Silva Timber’s mixed grade kiln dried No. 2 Clear & Better, which allows approximately 15% No. 4 Clear, is specifically designed to provide a predominantly high quality raw material with occasional characteristics found in the grade below. A slight relaxing of the grading standard at the sawmill to allow the inclusion of limited characteristics found in No. 4 Clear enables us to offer cladding profiles produced from this raw material at a lower price point than pure Select No. 2 Clear & Better.

    In most cases you will find only a small percentage of boards that do not conform to the grading rules for No. 2 Clear & Better. Users of cladding produced from this grade of Western Red Cedar will typically install boards of a lower standard in less prominent positions or may optimise boards to remove any characteristics that are deemed undesirable. Installers will find it advantageous to sort and plan the positioning of boards prior to commencing installation. By doing this at the outset it is possible to identify boards that are to be trimmed and a possible position for those boards. This approach will ensure that saw wastage is kept to a bare minimum and may enhance the appearance of the finished project.

    This grade may be described within the timber industry as No. 2 Clear & Better (allowing 15% No. 4 Clear), No. 2 Clear & Better blended, No. 2 Clear & Better mixed grade or No. 2 Clear & Better 85/15.


    This product carries Programme for the Endorsement of Forest  Certification  (PEFC)

    The PEFC Council is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation founded in 1999 which promotes sustainably managed forests through independent third party certification. The PEFC provides an assurance mechanism to purchasers of wood and paper products that they are promoting the sustainable management of forests.

    PEFC works throughout the entire forest supply chain to promote good practice in the forest and to ensure that timber and non-timber forest products are produced with respect for the highest ecological, social and ethical standards. Thanks to its  eco-label, customers and consumers are able to identify products from sustainably managed forests.

    Silva Timber meets the requirements for PEFC Chain of Custody within the BM TRADA Certification Limited Scheme for TRADA - Trak chain of custody certification.

    Certificate number: BMT-PEFC-0319

    Western Red Cedar is the ultimate green building material. It is legally, responsibly and sustainably harvested in the publicly managed forests of British Columbia, Canada. Less than 1% of standing timber is harvested each year.

    For each tree harvested, three are replanted to ensure the forests will exist in perpetuity. Western Red Cedar has a low impact on the environment throughout its life cycle. It requires significantly less energy to produce than man-made alternatives and is bio-degradable.


    • FSC
    • PEFC
    • Trada member
    • Responsible purchaser
    • Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau
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