Western Red Cedar Shingles Convert a Floating Pod With a Flawed, Leaky Exterior Into a Remarkable Natural Glamping Getaway

Located in Bodmin, Cornwall is a distinctive tree pod suspended in the air, three metres above ground, using carbon fibre rope. The original pod, built by Luminair, has been very popular and was recently featured on George Clark’s Amazing Spaces. Owner Edmund Ovenden discusses what they were trying to create: “We want our visitors to experience the peace and tranquillity of woodland from a unique perspective. The tree pod is only the start of the visitor’s woodland adventure”. It is located within 20 acres of woodland, including a river and meadow.

A natural, weatherproof material

Not long after purchase, it was clear that it had a major design flaw. Extremely lightweight in design, its outer shell was originally made from fabric. Due to the harsh woodland environment, this started to rot within a year and it was leaking badly. A new material was required that would tick many boxes:

- Natural
- Lightweight
- Insulating
- Water resistant

Not many materials could meet all those demands. Western Red Cedar Shingles not only met them but also added to the aesthetic of the design. Edmund explains,

"I have long worked with wood, so I chose to re-skin it in Western Red Cedar No.1 Grade (Blue Label) Shingles for their longevity and beauty. It is now warm, dry and looks fantastic. Adding to the appeal of Western Red Cedar was the natural element. As the pod is situated in a beautiful woodland environment, it is fitting that it is constructed using sustainable natural materials."

Asked about his overall experience using Silva Timber, Edmund commented,

"I found the Western Red Cedar No.1 Grade (Blue Label) Shingles to be very high quality. Every single shingle was usable. I also found Silva Timber to be helpful and friendly. The prompt delivery kept our project moving."