Western Red Cedar Slatted Screens Provide Alternative Contemporary Fencing

Contemporary design doesn’t have to be confined to your home, something as simple as a new fence can help extend that modern look to your garden. A young couple recently tasked Monaghan Building and Landscaping with creating a contemporary look with clean lines and a modern feel in their garden to match their aesthetic.

Western Red Cedar slatted screens were used to create the clean lines the couple sought and provided a modern alternative to a standard fence. Monaghan Building and Landscaping contrasted the rich colour of Western Red Cedar with crisp white render that coated concrete columns. Interspersing the rendered columns with the slatted screens not only added an interesting design element but also highlighted the beautiful colour variations in the Western Red Cedar. External lighting was fitted to the screens to add an extra unique flair to the couple’s new contemporary fence and to showcase the warm Cedar tones in the evenings.

Western Red Cedar was chosen for this project due to its stable and durable nature. An added advantage of using this material is that if the slatted screens were finished they would retain the natural warmth, earthy tones but if the end users chose to let the screens weather they would develop into an almost metallic silver colour.

"Western Red Cedar is a fantastic wood to work with, everyone loves it and you often get the neighbours asking about it to use in their own gardens! It’s beautiful whether you finish it or not and is well suited for an outdoor purpose."

Ryan Monaghan, Monaghan Building and Landscaping