Feature Species: Western Red Cedar Wood

Botanical name: Thuja Plicata
Origin: British Columbia, Western Canada
Density: 390kg/m3
Defining features: Highly stable; Very durable; Extremely lightweight


Cedar Cladding Cedar Decking Cedar Roofing Cedar Fencing


Species Information

We are extremely passionate about Western Red Cedar, and rightly so. No other wood compares for use in cladding, decking, fencing or roofing. Smooth to the touch, it is exceptionally durable and stable but also astonishingly light – it is fantastic to work with.

Aesthetically we think no other wood comes close, with a warm palette of rich amber tones with interesting grain patterns. Western Red Cedar accepts finish very well; meaning a couple of coats of Sansin Wood Protection will maintain its beautiful appearance for years to come.

Ask anyone who has used Western Red Cedar and they may give you other reasons they prefer it, from ideal acoustic properties to its unique aroma and beyond.

Silva's Western Red Cedar is renowned for its consistent high quality. As one of the UK's leading importers of timber with over 10 years experience of supplying Cedar wood products to the UK market, you can rely on receiving a quality product on time, on grade, every time. Along with our high quality standards, you can be assured that the cedar you receive is coming from a well-managed sustainable source.


Sustainable Harvesting

Did you know...

Certified Forests

of the world's forests are independently certified.
40% of Canada's forests are independently certified.
100% of Silva Timber's Western Red Cedar is sourced from forests in British Columbia, Canada


33% of land in British Columbia is forest.
0.3% of forest is harvested every year (3 times less than claimed by forest fires every year)
12 Million Acres of forest land is protected from harvesting, mining or industrial development. (This is larger than Austria, Netherlands and Luxembourg combined)
650 Million trees are planted annually where forests have been harvested.


FSC/PEFC Certification

FSC and PEFC are the most highly recognised Certification bodies that ensure that forests are harvested legally and sustainably. The entire supply chain from the harvester to Silva Timber must possess a Chain of Custody (CoC) certification, guaranteeing that all Western Red Cedar we sell is responsibly sourced.


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