What to expect from your order

When you receive a delivery of timber it should conform to the relevant grading rule that applies to the particular product that you have purchased (see Grading Rules).  We are occasionally asked by customers to exchange boards that they do not like because they have more natural defects or characteristics than other boards in their delivery. 

In the past we have done this only to find that the exchanged boards are on-grade and perfectly usable.  By doing this we would be essentially be re-grading to exclude allowable defects, and therefore creating a ‘sub-grades’ each made up of either only higher or lower quality boards from the actual grade ordered. 

It can be extremely costly, wasteful and time consuming for a delivery truck to return to a jobsite to exchange a handful of boards that subsequently found to be on grade and usable, therefore unless there is a serious issue with material being ‘off-grade’ or there is significant damage caused during the delivery process we are unable to exchange boards.  

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