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Winkler One Primer

£525.04 (inc VAT) £437.53 (ex VAT)

Winkler One Primer is a two-component epoxy adhesion promoter for substrates contaminated with oils. It is used prior to the application of Winkler One products.


Winkler One Primer

Price: £525.04
Inc. VAT
Price: £437.53
Excl. VAT
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At a Glance

  • 2-part epoxy adhesion promoter.
  • Specifically designed for surfaces contaminated with oils.
  • Can be applied over a dry or slightly damp substrate. 
  • Size: 20kg (17.8kg Component A / 2.2kg Component B).


Pre-treatment during preparation work of cement/concrete or various stone material flooring.

Surface Preparation

Any contaminated substrate must be removed to a depth of about 2 mm.

The surface must be dusted, cleaned with detergent, then washed and cleaned with a pressurised water jet.


Stir the contents of each component well to ensure any settled deposits are blended.

Pour Component B into Component A and mix slowly until an even consistency with no lumps is obtained.

Apply the product with a roller or brush over the cementitious substrate.

One Primer can be applied over a dry or slightly damp substrate. For a superior adhesion of subsequent coats, we strongly suggest broadcasting quartz 01-05 onto the wet primed surface.


400-500 g/m2


If stored in a dry and sheltered place, in its original packaging, the product has a shelf life of 6 months. Store at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C.


Please read the Technical Specification Sheet for further details.



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