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Winkler Skermo 2

£93.92 (inc VAT) £78.27 (ex VAT)

Winkler Skermo 2 is a water-based waterproof non-film-forming, eco-friendly, solvent-free siloxane protective coating.

Skermo 2 is used on vertical surfaces to stop the penetration of rainwater through building materials such as brick, plaster, natural stone, and concrete.

It works by impregnating the surface to provide a waterproof barrier whilst preventing the emergence of mould, moss, algae, lichens, and bacteria. It also protects the treated structures against aging and crumbling due to freeze-thaw cycles. 

The application of Skermo 2 does not alter the original colour of the surfaces and, thanks to its dirt-repellent property, provides protection from dust, soot and atmospheric pollution.

Winkler Skermo 2

Price: £93.92
Inc. VAT
Price: £78.27
Excl. VAT
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SKU: VSK20505

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At a Glance

  • Water-based, non-film-forming protective coating.
  • For use on vertical surfaces.
  • Suitable for brick, plaster, natural stone, and concrete surfaces.
  • Impregnating formula.
  • Ready to use.
  • Size: 5kg.

Surface Preparation

Clean all support surfaces thoroughly in order to eliminate dirt, dust, and loose materials, any form of oil or grease, and foreign or bonding-proof matters. Apply on dry surfaces.


The product is ready for use and can be applied by spray, brush or other similar tools.

Penetration, protective, and water repellent action are considerably increased by further "wet on wet" applications of Skermo 2.


200 - 600 g/m² depending on the support’s absorbing performance.


The product in its undamaged packaging can be stored for 12 months. Please store it at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C. 



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