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Sansin Purity Interior Glacier

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FINISH 946ml tin 3.78l tin
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Beautiful glass-like finish for cabinetry, walls, doors, window frames and furniture

At a glance

  • A crystal clear finish for high wear interior surfaces
  • Perfect for cabinetry, walls, doors, windows and furniture
  • Two-coat application
  • Environmentally friendly

A crystal-clear finish for high-wear interior wood surfaces

Sansin Purity Interior Glacier is a tough, non-yellowing finish that offers glass-like beauty and clarity, perfect for high-wear surfaces such as cabinetry, shelves, doors, furniture and even floors. Sansin Purity Interior Glacier provides a lacquer finish that meets and exceeds all KCMA benchmarks, defining the beauty of your wood and adding character and dimension.

Sansin Purity Interior Glacier is UV resistant, washable, environmentally friendly, low in volatile organic compounds, high in solids and non-flammable, with easy soap and water clean-up. Available in flat, satin and gloss finishes.

For optimum UV protection or if a special colour or toning is desired, use a pigmented version of Sansin Purity Interior Stain as the first application.

Designed to the exacting standards of master joiners and architects, the Sansin Purity range is known for extraordinary beauty and clarity of colour. A wide range of stains, finishes and oils offer durable protection against staining, dirt, odours and general wear and tear.

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  • Number of coats recommended: 2
  • Drying time (to touch at 20ºC): 30 minutes
  • Time to re-coat (between applications at 20ºC): 1 hour
  • Usage: interior wood e.g. joinery, cabinetry and cladding
  • Recommended application: for best results apply to timber with a sawn textured face or sand surface using an orbital sander and 120-150 grit sandpaper

Approximate Coverage

A 3.78 litre tin will cover 37.2-46.5 square metres for a single coat

Coverage will vary depending on type of wood, age and surface structure

Maintenance Cycle

If the wood surface is exposed because of damage, decide whether to repair the complete board or spot repair. In either case, clean the surface to remove contamination and allow to dry. Follow with sanding to smooth the surface appropriately then apply the same coating schedule to match the initial application.

For proactive maintenance coats, gently wash the surface and remove all contamination by an agreeable method being careful not to over wet the surface. Allow the surface to dry completely. If necessary sand using a 220-320 grit paper. Apply a maintenance coat of Purity Interior Clear using an appropriate applicator. See directions for further details.

How frequently maintenance coats are required will depend on the quality of prior preparation, quality of application and exposure levels.

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