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Owatrol Net-trol Wood Cleaner and Brightener

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With a fast working solution, Owatrol Net-trol can restore weathered wood to its original colour within 15 minutes. Net-trol is also effective in clean and neutralising tannin staining and removing rust stains.

Silva Timber is an Owatrol Authorised Partner

At a glance

  • Restores original colour to old weathered and dirty wood
  • Neutralises timber prior to finishing
  • Mild to use, harmless to surrounding natural environment
  • Neutralises timber prior to finishing
  • Can be diluted up to 4 times

A powerful solution for restoring weathered, greying unfinished exterior wood to its natural colour.

Owatrol Net-trol Wood Cleaner and Brightener is a powerful solution which restores weathered, greying unfinished exterior wood to its natural colour. Owatrol Net-trol is mild to use, and unlike chlorine or bleach based cleaners will not damage the wood fibres. While restoring the wood's natural vibrancy, Owatrol Net-trol also removes any ground-in or surface dirt, resulting in a beautiful, clean looking exterior wood surface.

Owatrol Net-trol is particularly suited for horizontal or vertical surfaces such as cladding, screens, fencing, decking, office buildings or garden furniture. The solution will work on all wood species, including Softwoods such as Western Red Cedar, Siberian Larch and Southern Yellow Pine, hardwoods such as Iroko, Ipe and Yellow Balau and thermally-modified woods, for example ThermoWood.

Unlike two part cleaners, it is mild to use, harmless to plants and shrubs whether used full strength or diluted.

Net-Trol Wood Cleaner is a safe, one-part cleaner that cleans and restores wood, brick and stone. Removes stains, weathering and algae to restore natural colour and beauty. A highly concentrated formula, which contains no bleach, can be diluted up to four times.

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Watch Owatrol Net-trol restore a weathered wood fence panel



  • Usage: cleaner and brightener restores grey, weather-beaten exterior wood that is unfinished to its natural colour
  • Recommended application: for best results surfaces must be clean, dry and free of loose dirt

Approximate Coverage

5-10 square metres per litre with one coat on smooth wood.

Coverage will vary depending on type of wood, age and surface texture.


Do not use on aluminium

Application Advice

Recommended application practice

  • Shake container throughly prior to application
  • Cover any areas you do not wish to coat
  • Apply between 5oC and 35oC.
  • Do not apply on a hot surface, which will dry Net-trol out too quickly
  • When cleaning vertical wood, work from bottom up to avoid streaking

Net-trol Application instructions

On Wood, Stone, Concrete

  • Wet surface with fresh, clean water
  • Apply with a synthetic brush or roller.
  • Scrub surface with stiff synthetic brush
  • Leave to stand for around 10-20 minute, if surface starts to dry, dampen with a mist application of water
  • Scrub surface whilst rinsing with water or use a pressure washer (max 60 bar)
  • If required, repeat the procedure
  • Allow wood to dry for 48 hours before finishing


On Nail Stains

  • Clean surface prior to application
  • Once clean, wet the surface with fresh, clean water
  • Apply to the entire surface over and around the nail stain
  • Do not rinse until the stain has disappeared


Plastic or GRP

  • Wet surface with fresh, clean water
  • Apply using a brush
  • Leave to work for 10 minutes
  • Scrub surface with a soft or medium nylon scrubbing brush
  • Rinse with large amounts of fresh, clean water


Rust stains

  • Wet surface with fresh, clean water
  • Apply with a stiff nylon brush working in to rust stain
  • Leave to work for 10 minutes
  • Scrub surface with stiff nylon scrubbing brush
  • Rinse with large amounts of fresh clean water

Further Instructions:

  1. Net-Trol can be used neat or diluted up to a maximum of 1:4 with clean water depending on surface condition.
  2. Keep surface wet with the Net-Trol solution.
  3. Allow wood to dry thoroughly (2-3 warm dry days) before applying finishing coat.


Application Tools:

Net-Trol can be applied using any of the following methods:

  1. Brush on using a regular soft bristle brush
  2. Spray on using a garden sprayer
  3. Roller


Additional Uses:

  1. Cleans fibreglass and plastic (Net-Trol will remove many kinds of dirt).
  2. Cleans old wood surfaces before painting.
  3. Removes rust stains from concrete, stone and wood.

Note: Net-Trol will dull painted surfaces and metal fittings if it is not rinsed off quickly. For ease of application, Net-Trol can be put in to any clean, wide mouth, plastic container.


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