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Owatrol Prepdeck Stripper / Cleaner

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Specifically designed to remove existing or failed coatings such as deck oil, wood stains and finishes.

At a glance

  • Powerful wood stripper and cleaner
  • Designed to remove coatings such as deck oil and stains
  • For all exterior timber including pressure treated, softwoods and hardwoods
  • Improves penetration of finishes on new wood

Removes existing coatings such as deck oil and stains

One of the most time-consuming aspects of any refinishing job is surface preparation. Old stains, dirt and other surface contaminants must all come off before a new finish goes on. Thankfully, modern tools like pressure washers are making the job easier. Now you have another hard working tool to add to your arsenal - Prepdeck Professional Stripper and Cleaner.

Prepdeck is a very powerful wood stripper and cleaner. Prepdeck is specifically designed to remove coatings such as deck oil, stains etc. It is also ideal for removing factory grade stamps and other old finishes.

Prepdeck is primarily intended for professional application but can be used by 'handy' persons with some care and attention.

Some woods i.e. Cedar, Redwoods and Hardwoods may darken with Prepdeck. If this occurs, relighten with Net-Trol wood cleaner and brightener before recoating with a suitable finish such as Textrol.

Where to use Prepdeck:

  • Prepdeck can be used on ALL exterior timber, including pressure treated, softwood and hardwood.
  • For use on Exterior wood surfaces i.e. decks, docks, cladding, garden furniture.
  • Use to remove old finishes and stains.
  • Use to remove mill glaze from timber.
  • Use to clean weathered exterior wood.
  • Use to remove factory grade stamps.

Features & benefits:

  • Strips old finishes from exterior woods including 100% acrylics.
  • Reduces mill glaze on new wood.
  • Improves penetration of finishes on new wood.
  • Removes grade stamps.
  • Cleans weathered wood.
  • Can be used neat or diluted
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  • Usage: removing of old solid and semi transparent stains, grade stamps and other finishes from wood
  • Recommended application: for best results remove any loose and flaking finish, and brush off any physical surface contamination i.e. moss, general dirt etc. Prepdeck® will not remove baked on paints or Polyurethane paints and varnishes

Approximate Coverage

3-4 square metres per litre undiluted.

Coverage will vary depending on type of wood, age and surface texture.

Instructions for use

1.Shake container well before use.
2.Cover anything you do not want to strip and clean.
3.DO wear protective glasses and gloves during application.
4.DO NOT apply to a hot surface as this will cause the product to dry out to quickly.
5.DO NOT allow Prepdeck to dry out during application, keep spraying with a fine mist of water to avoid drying out.
6.When using on vertical surfaces work from bottom to top to avoid streaking.
7.Cover all metallic surfaces.
8.For cleaning; leave to soak on surface for 10-15 minutes before scrubbing, then hose of with clean running water.
9.For stripping; leave to soak on surface for 20-30 minutes before scrubbing, then hose of with clean running water.
Application Tools:
Prepdeck can be applied using any of the following methods:

1.Brush on using a regular soft bristle brush .
2.Roller (medium pile).

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