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Sioo:x Wood Impregnation Solution - up to 15 years service life

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Price From: (exc VAT) £5.00 (inc VAT) £6.00


As from May 2017 Silva will no longer be selling Sioo:x, a discount of 20% has been applied to the remainder of our Sioo:x stock as part of a stock clearance. It is possible that we may only have Step 2 (Surface Protector) in certain sizes, it is imperative when using Sioo:x that Step 1 (Wood Protector) is used beforehand. Step 1 can be purchased from other retailers or stockists.

At a glance

  • A discount of 20% has been applied to all Sioo:x products
  • it is imperative when using Sioo:x that Step 1 (Wood Protector) is used before using Step 2 (Surface Protector)
  • Provides timber protection for up to 15 years on vertical surfaces and up to 10 years on horizontal surfaces
  • Accelerates greying process for beautiful, uniform appearance
  • Provides a consistent, silver-grey lustre without patches
  • Completely biocide free
  • 2 part system - Wood and Surface Protector

Sioo:x Impregnation

As from May 2017 Silva will no longer be selling Sioo:x, a discount of 20% has been applied to the remainder of our Sioo:x stock as part of a stock clearance. It is possible that we may only have Step 2 (Surface Protector) in certain sizes, it is imperative when using Sioo:x that Step 1 (Wood Protector) is used beforehand. Step 1 can be purchased from other retailers or stockists.

Sioo:x Impregnation quickly provides a clean wood surface with an attractive silvery-grey finish often desired but seldom achieved from new wood or damaged applications. Sioo"x Impregnation can be applied to a wide range of woods, including impregnated or pressure treated wood, larch, western red cedar, fir , spruce, oak and hardwoods. 

The benefits of using Sioo:x Impregnation

  • Sioo:x provides a clean wood surface, removing dirt, algae, mildew other contaminants
  • Provides a consistent, silver-grey lustre quickly which is often sought after, yet difficult to achieve on new woods
  • Eliminates patches of weathered/unsightly timber for a consistent finish
  • Completely biocide free
  • Once applied, provides up to 15 years durability before a re-coat is necessary
  • Largely maintenance free
  • Protection against rot fungi and vermin
  • Resists algae growth
  • Prevents moisture damage and leaching
  • Sioo:x reinforces natural characteristics and creates a smooth surface
  • Offers UV protection against blackening of timber
  • Economical solution - long lasting service life 

Natural Power of Silicates

The natural, biocide free, ingredients that make up Sioo:x combine to to enhance appearance and performance.

Silica - 'the future of wood care technology'

The core mineral found in glass, Silica works to crystallise the wood fibres, doubling the hardness of wood and essentially turning it to glass. Silica provides long lasting protection against UV damage and water ingress for a more durable, scratch resistant, timber surface.

How Sioo:x Impregnation works

Using a patented 2 step technique, Sioo:x Wood Protector utilises the natural elements of mineral silicon which penetrates deep into the wood structure, where it crystalises and forms permanent silica crystals within the wood fibre. Once dry, Sioo:x Surface Protector is applied. It fixes the Wood protector in the wood - it has a double function as an extra fixing agent and as a water repellent. The Surface Protector is open for diffusion and creates an environment for the two products to effectively protect and preserve wood.

For horizontal decking surfaces it is recommended that a second coat of Surface Protector is applied after a year. At this stage clean the surface with an alkaline cleaner and a soft brush and then make the second application. After this is done the horizontal surface is sealed. With vertical cladding surfaces there is no need to apply a second coat of Surface Protector.

Both Wood Protector and Surface Protector work in harmony to systematically build up the wood protecting properties. 

It is important that Step 2 is applied as soon as Step 1 is dry, otherwise the surface is not protected against moisture penetration or UV damage.  

Sioo:x Impregnation is simple to apply and dries quickly, with the application usually finished within a day. The treated surface is normally clear for footfall within an hour. 

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Step 1. Wood Protector
Coverage: First coating - 6 to 8 square metres per litre. Second coating - 10 to 12 square metres per litre.

Step 2. Surface Protector
Coverage: 8 to 12 square metres per litre. 

Coverage can vary depending on type of wood, age and surface structure

Sioo:x complies with EU test proceeding EN 46 and EN113. The chemical process is described as a 'mechanical effect without the use of biocides.'

Finishing & Protection

Sioo:x Wood Protector offers a wide variety of benefits for both rejuvenating existing applications and protecting new wood.

Effects on existing applications

Appearance & Performance

  • Anti-soiling mechanism - contains 'self cleaning' ingredients
  • Neutralises Tannin acids to combat blackening
  • Blackened timber returns to natural colour
  • Breaks down existing algae, mould growth or rot
  • Acts as a barrier to algae, mould and rot from penetrating the wood
  • Stabilises surface checking

Effects on new/rejuvenated applications


  • Kept clean, up to 15 years before any re-treatment necessary
  • Toughens the wood surface preventing splinting and cracking
  • Protection against deterioration of wood fibres
  • Smooth finish provides safe, pleasant surface to walk on, even barefoot
  • Micro-porous technology allows wood to breathe while maintaining water repellency and UV protection

Effects on new/rejuvenated applications


  • Long lasting protection against algae growth
  • Ingredients continue to work long after application
  • Provides a consistent silver/grey lustre
  • Satin-like, smooth finish from strengthened wood fibres
  • Prevents unsightly discolouration

Application & Maintenance Advice

Application process

In principle the Sioo:x Impregnation process can be used for all types of wood - new or old. It is particularly well suited for pressure impregnated wood, larch, pine, spruce, cedar, Thermowood, oak, teak and acacia etc. Some types of wood may be difficult to treat, please test a small area first. Sioo:x Impregnation is suitable for use indoors and outdoors, and is often used for deckboards, piers, panelling, fences, beams, stables and storage areas.


Advice prior to treatment

Ensure the surface is free from oil, colour, dirt and mildew. Existing, failed or old finishes must be completely stripped and the wood neutralised before application of Sioo:x Impregnation. Soak the surface with a cleaning agent. Allow a few minutes for it to penetrate the surface. Clean with a high pressure unit or stiff nylon brush. If dark spots remain once dry, these should be scrubbed and brushed away. 

Ensure any material you do not wish to coat are covered, eg plants and shrubbery. Since the products may etch, metallic parts, glass and aluminium should also be protected. Dry up any spill with a wet rag

Only apply Sioo:x Impregnation on a dry day when no rainfall is forecast and the temperature is above 5 degrees Celsius.

Sioo:x Wood Protector

When the surface is dry, apply first coat of Sioo:x Surface Protector. Leave for 2 hours, then apply second coat. 

Sioo:x Surface Protector

Allow Sioo:x Wood Protector to dry for at least 4 hours. Once dry, treat the surface with Sioo Surface Protection. Note that it must not rain on deck prior to the application of Sioo:x Water Protector. Apply Surface Protection using a brush, roller or high pressure washer, soaking the surface. Allow a few minutes to penetrate, then rub in with a stiff nylon brush until the wood is saturated. A second application of Sioo Surface Protection is recommended after 6-14 months. 


The Sioo:x Impregnation solution provides the user with a largely maintenance free application for an expected 15 years. As with all wood applications, the treated surface should be kept clean from dirt or algae. After winter, the surface should be cleaned with a mild detergent, then brushed and rinsed. Grease or fluid stains with simply clean up with a soap/water solution. If the silvery/grey surface is scratched off, apply more Surface Protector to the damaged surface. the bright, natural and smooth surface will return within a few months. 

Black or grey spots can sometimes occur due to staining fungi on the wood. The staining fungi feed primarily on the starch in the sapwood and this continues until the starch is used up. This is highly characteristic of freshly felled wood, kiln dried wood that is not dried to a low enough moisture content, or wood that is dried but gets wet again. Black spots can occur due to surface molds, which can easily be checked by rubbing the surface with your fingers, if the black spots smear or are removed then the problem is mold and this can be removed by cleaning. Chemical staining can also result in black spots forming. This is common in tannin-rich species such as oak which react with ferrous fastenings. These can be removed with proprietory oxalic acid based treatments. Fungal spots occur under the SiOO:x protection layer and are less easily removed. They are found in the sapwood only and do no harm to the wood. They are more likely to occur in the later autumn and in the winter when the wood has a raised moisture content. The ‘spottiness’ will disappear with time as the SiOO:x protection system cures and as the onset of longer days results in photobleaching of the stains.

Tide marks and surface black molds can typically be removed using the Sioo alkaline based cleaner. The Sioo Wood Protector itself is strongly alkaline and has a strong cleaning action.

If either of the above occurs the recommendations are to initially clean the surface with the Sioo Cleaner. Apply/rub the cleaner into the affected area and leave to soak for 15/20 minutes. In the case of the Sioo Cleaner it can be diluted with up to 50 parts water. For strong and persistent staining it can be used in neat form. Wash off the applied cleaner.

If the marking is not fully removed rub some Sioo Wood Protector (Step 1) onto the affected area and leave to soak for 20 minutes and then wash away.

After cleaning apply a coating of Sioo Surface Protector (Step 2) to the cleaned area

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