Sansin - Stain, Finish & Protection

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Sansin - Stain, Finish & Protection

Combining the best attributes of both water and oil-based coatings, Sansin Enviro Stains carry modified natural oils and resins deep into the wood's cell structure using one of nature's commonplace miracles - water.

As the water evaporates, Sansin bonds directly with a wood substrate, forming a tough, durable barrier that won't crack, peel or blister.

Sansin lets wood 'breathe' more freely, dramatically improving dimensional stability and allowing the wood to adjust naturally to moisture levels in the environment.

Once it bonds with your wood, Sansin forms a long-lasting shield that aggressively repels condensed water while allowing water vapour to escape.

Silva Timber is the exclusive UK distributor of Sansin, offering a wide range of products suitable for decking, cladding, fencing, windows and door frames.

Sansin's collection provides natural wood protection for both interior and exterior timber, with a choice of more than 100 unique colour tones to enhance the natural beauty of the wood grain.