World Record Holder Specifies Silva Timber for Latest Bows

At Silva we're always interested in hearing how our customers are using our timber, from traditional decks and cladding projects through to unusual items such as beehives and kayaks.

Our latest interesting customer project came from Mike Willrich, holder of 22 World Records, 4 of which using English Longbows, who needed Western Red Cedar and Ipé to create his latest Flight Longbow. As always, our team were happy to help Mike along the way.

Flight Longbows are typically made from three complementing woods. Mike chose Ipé for the 'belly', Western Red Cedar for the 'core' and Hickory as the 'backing' due to their natural characteristics and durability.

Our warehouse staff hand-pick all boards that leave our warehouse to ensure customers only receive the highest quality products. This means we were able to select boards to Mike's specifications so he had the finest boards to work with.

From sawing and planing the woods to thin strips, the timber is tapered from the centre to the end to create the bow shape. Next, the woods are put through tillering, a lengthy process where the timber is slowly taught to bend when pressured through increasing forces until the target draw weight is reached. At this point, any defects in the wood will be found as the process can often fail. However, due to the stability of Ipe and Western Red Cedar, Mike was able to create his first bow with 48lb at 28 inches draw length, an impressive result for a first attempt.

Mike now intends to produce several more bows, including one for his wife who also holds 28 World Records, 5 of which using English Longbows.