Yellow Balau Solves Large Height Difference Between Home and Garden

Decking can solve a range of garden woes, whether that’s creating a space for outdoor dining, proving a low maintenance outdoor space or bridging height differences between the garden and the house.

Height difference was the main concern for a client of Mick Crisp who had a considerable gap between the back door of the house and ground level, making the garden difficult to access.


After the client had been show a variety of samples, Yellow Balau was agreed as the best mid-range product. Having worked with this species before, Mick knew that the timber would provide a sturdy, stable and hard-wearing deck that would provide years of service.

As the deck had steps leading down to the garden, balustrades were added for safety but the design was kept simple so the view of the garden wasn’t obstructed. One end of the deck was left open for a fence to be added later on.

The new deck was coated in Osmo Bangkirai oil to finish the timber, providing extra protection against moisture and UV rays keeping the deck looking brand new for as long as possible.

The timber was very dense and due to this fact it requires a little more patience and time to do the job correctly. Each board was pre-drilled on every joist and countersunk. However, I would carry this out on any timber I was using for a deck as good practice.

Mick Crisp, Carpenter