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Certigrade No. 1 Grade (Blue Label) Yellow Cedar Shingles

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Yellow Cedar, also known as Western Cypress, is popular due to its unique properties and appearance. Yellow cedar, which has a uniform pale yellow color when new, will weather to a light silver gray patina and is heavier and more dense than Western Red Cedar.

Yellow Cedar Shingles, which are sawn on both sides for a tailored appearance, are available in 405mm length (Fivex) and are Clear heartwood; 100% edge grain; no defects.

At a glance

  • Uniform pale yellow colour when new, will weather to a light silvery grey patina
  • Fine texture, straight grain
  • Extremely stable with little shrinkage
  • Excellent strength and wear
  • PEFC certified
Coverage per bundle (approx.) m2
1 bundle on roofs with 19º > pitch 2.32m2
1 Bundle on roofs with a pitch 14 - 19º 1.76m2
1 Bundle on vertical sidewalls 3.45m2

Strong, dense and will last a lifetime

Yellow Cedar (also known as Alaskan Yellow Cedar or Western Cypress) is far less widely known and used than Western Red Cedar, yet it offers very similar performance characteristics. In fact in many areas Yellow Cedar is superior to Western Red Cedar.

Yellow Cedar grows along the Pacific coast of North America, from Oregon in the south up into Canada and as far north as Alaska. It shares a similar growing region to Western Red Cedar; however Yellow Cedar usually grows at higher elevations which can make access for logging difficult. This probably accounts for the fact that despite its abundance it does not have the widespread commercial availability of Western Red Cedar.

Due to the high rainfall and colder temperatures of its local climate, Yellow Cedar grows very slowly which creates very tight growth rings. There is little distinction between early wood and late wood rings which makes for very dense wood, a consistent colour and a high degree of stability throughout the tree. Furthermore, Yellow Cedar possesses a high level of natural decay resistance and is a very hard softwood. Being stable, strong and extremely weather resistant, Yellow Cedar is an ideal material for shingles and shakes. Its longevity, superior performance characteristics and the fact that it weathers to a consistent light silver grey make Yellow Cedar shingles and shakes a much sought after roofing and cladding material. They have been used for centuries in certain regions of North America and their reputation has spread and led to their use in all parts of the continent. Now here in the UK, Silva Timber are the first company in Europe (as far as we know) to supply Yellow Cedar shingles and shakes.

Historically Yellow Cedar has been widely used in boatbuilding and marine applications because of its excellent weather resistance and strength. Its strength and lightness in weight have even led to its use in aircraft construction. Yellow Cedar is also used in Japanese garden design and architecture, and because it thrives in wet environments it is also used around pools and in saunas.

Yellow Cedar shingles and shakes are graded to the same exacting quality control product standards written by the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau for Western Red Cedar.

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Recommended use
The premium grade for many applications where a good quality finish is required.

Batten Spacing
Space battens to coincide with the weather exposure. Spacing between adjacent shingles (joints) should be a minimum of 6mm and a maximum of 9mm. Joints in any one course should be separated not less than 38mm from joints in adjacent courses and in any three courses, no two joints should be in direct alignment.

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Coverage Guide

Approximated Nails usage guide - 1 kilo of 1.8 x 31mm Stainless Steel Annular Ringshank Nails will be required to fix 4 bundles of shingles.

Coverage (Approximate) Square Metres
1 Bundle on roofs with a 19º > pitch 2.32m2
1 Bundle on roofs with a pitch 14 - 19º  1.76m2
1 Bundle on Vertical sidewalls 3.45m2


Recommended Exposure (mm)
Roofs with a 19º > pitch 125mm
Roofs with a pitch 14 - 19º  95mm
Vertical sidewalls (single course) 175mm
Vertical sidewalls (double course) 300mm


Shingle Specification
Shingle Length 405mm
Minimum Shingle Width 75mm (minus tolerance of 65mm in 10% of bundle)
Maximum Shingle Width 355mm
Shingle Butt Thickness 10mm (5 butts together = 50mm)
Grading Clear heartwood; 100% edge grain; no defects


Bundle Specification mm (approximate)
Bundle Length 635mm
Bundle Width 482mm
Bundle Height 228mm
Bundle Weight 15-35kg (depending on moisture content)



Always specify Certigrade Yellow Cedar Shingles

Not all cedar shake and shingle products are alike. Certi-label products, manufactured by Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau members, assure you of the highest quality standards. Member mills have committed to consistent quality through independent third-party inspections by accredited agencies. Each bundle of product has the mill's distinctive Certi-label tucked under the bundle strap. Asking for "the blue label" or "number one blue label" is not specific enough. Cedar Bureau members' products are the only ones with the Certi brand name on the label.

For quality assurance, always specify Certigrade Yellow Cedar Shingles. The  term  “Blue Label ”  is  a  registered trademark  of  the  Cedar Shake & Shingle  Bureau  trade association  which  has  over  250  member  companies.  Be aware that just because a supplier puts a label in a blue colour on its bundles does not mean that it’s on grade or third party inspected. Certigrade Yellow Cedar Shingles are inspected by legitimate, third party agencies, accredited by the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau. 

Silva Timber are a Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau member. The Bureau monitors and inspects member mills to ensure product quality, grading rules and consistency of Certi-Label cedar shingles and shakes are maintained. 

Click here for more information on why to specify Certi-label Western Red Cedar Shingles


This product carries Programme for the Endorsement of Forest  Certification  (PEFC)

The PEFC Council is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation founded in 1999 which promotes sustainably managed forests through independent third party certification. The PEFC provides an assurance mechanism to purchasers of wood and paper products that they are promoting the sustainable management of forests.

PEFC works throughout the entire forest supply chain to promote good practice in the forest and to ensure that timber and non-timber forest products are produced with respect for the highest ecological, social and ethical standards. Thanks to its  eco-label, customers and consumers are able to identify products from sustainably managed forests.

Silva Timber meets the requirements for PEFC Chain of Custody within the BM TRADA Certification Limited Scheme for TRADA - Trak chain of custody certification.

Certificate number: BMT-PEFC-0319

Western Red Cedar is the ultimate green building material. It is legally, responsibly and sustainably harvested in the publicly managed forests of British Columbia, Canada. Less than 1% of standing timber is harvested each year.

For each tree harvested, three are replanted to ensure the forests will exist in perpetuity. Western Red Cedar has a low impact on the environment throughout its life cycle. It requires significantly less energy to produce than man-made alternatives and is bio-degradable.

  • FSC
  • PEFC
  • Trada member
  • Responsible purchaser
  • Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau
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