Weatherboard Cladding

  1. SILVA B Grade
    SILVALarch™ Siberian Larch Channel Weatherboard Cladding - 20x145mm
    From £45.00 per sqm (inc VAT) From £37.50 per sqm (ex VAT)
  2. SILVA A Grade
    SILVALarch™ Siberian Larch V-Joint Weatherboard Cladding
    From £43.36 per sqm (inc VAT) From £36.13 per sqm (ex VAT)

Weatherboard Cladding

Weatherboard cladding, also known as feather edge cladding, is a timber profile that connects two boards via an overlap rather than the traditional tongue and groove connection. 

The Weatherboard cladding profile is available in timber material, Siberian Larch, as a Channel or V-Joint profile.  Visually, the Weatherboard Channel and Standard Channel, look identical, as does the Weatherboard V-Joint and standard Tongue and Groove. 

The weatherboard profile has been designed to provide more stability for the larger sized boards such as 146mm.

The Weatherboard V-Joint can be orientated horizontally or vertically to accentuate either the width or height of the façade.

A bevel at both edges of the face creates a subtle V-shaped shadow line effect along the joint. With its clean lines and flat profile, this V-Joint profile makes an excellent choice when a contemporary appearance is desired.