Composite Decking

  1. EasyDeck® Glacier 16 Composite Decking Boards
    EasyDeck® Glacier 16 Composite Decking Boards
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Composite Decking

What composite decking is best for me?

There are lots of brands out there. Typically, composite decking is made from a combination of wood fibres and various types of plastic. But there are composite decking options that contain no plastic at all.

Prices vary dramatically across the range. If you are considering a cheap product, be aware that it may not last as long.

The two options we offer are both eco-friendly with no plastic involved that offer durable options that will last a significant time.

Does composite decking fade?

It really depends on the manufacture and product, but everything changes. Both the EasyDeck Glacier product and NEOLIFE Nature Decking boards will change over a 12-month period, and become a little darker and more vibrant, at this point the colour stabilises. This timeframe can vary depending on whether your deck is covered and the strength of the weathering it is exposed too. You can see the changes in our technical brochures.

EasyDeck Information | NEOLIFE Information

Do I have to clean composite decking?

Yes, you do. Composite decking boards are formed with a high percentage of wood and therefore react similarly to wood. Cleaning instruction will be different depending on your choice of product.

Both EasyDeck and NEOLIFE composite decking boards offer easy maintenance with a recommended clean twice a year by regular cleaning with water and a brush. Heavy dirt can be cleared with a recommended agent, brush, and water. Full cleaning instructions are available in the downloadable section of each product page.

Products available from Silva Timber

NEOLIFE® Nature 14 composite decking is a reversible decking board with one side featuring 6mm grooves and the other offering micro-grooves for enhanced slip resistance. It is rot proof, dimensionally stable and available in 4 stunning colour ways.

Our EasyDeck Glacier 16 composite boards are also reversible, offering a solid construction free of PVC.

Combined, these composite products satisfy the request from architects, landscapists and design offices focused on eco-construction and sustainability projects.